With the advancement of digitalisation, technology is increasingly accessible to rural producers

Modern equipment is no longer exclusive to large agricultural operations — the market already offers a variety of technologies with possible investments for all types and sizes of properties.

technology is increasingly accessible to farms

05 January 2022

With the advancement of innovations and digitalisation in the field, the use of technologies is no longer a competitive differential, becoming a necessity for any producer or manager who wants to remain in the market with good results. With this movement, resources are increasingly accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, which can find a progressive range of options for their agricultural operations. It is no wonder that at least 84% of Brazilian farmers have technology support, as shown by research led by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa).

“It is undeniable that most producers do not have the same purchasing power as large corporations, but that does not mean that they cannot have access to technologies to solve their pains. Today, the market offers modern equipment capable of improving productivity, as well as reducing costs and waste in any type and size of operation. The introduction of technology in agribusiness is not and should not be an exclusivity of large productions," explains Bernardo de Castro, president of Hexagon's Agriculture division — a company that develops and provides digital solutions for agricultural and forestry operations.

According to the global consultancy Markets and Markets, the precision agriculture market is expected to grow by 61% by 2026, and medium and small farms are expected to lead this advance, since large owners are already positioned ahead of the process. For Bernardo, this is an excellent opportunity to invest in equipment and see the enhancement of results.

For Bernardo, this is an excellent opportunity to invest in equipment and see the enhancement of results. "Technology has taken a leading role in agribusiness and those who do not follow this process will certainly be left behind. Therefore, the small and medium producer and rural manager can no longer be afraid to invest in innovation," reinforces the president of Hexagon's Agriculture division.

Entry-level equipment

In this new scenario, there are a large number of brands and models of equipment aimed at agribusiness, which allows the choice of a supplier that best suits the operation, according to the capacity of the property and the size and type of cultivation. Furthermore, companies have been betting on intuitive and easy-to-use solutions, which do not hinder the daily lives of producers and machine operators in the field. The value of the product is also aligned with its potential, making investment in technology increasingly possible.

“At Hexagon, for example, we offer three levels of displays: HxGN AgrOn Ti5, Ti7 and Ti10. While the last launch is super advanced and has high processing capacity to meet the needs of large companies, Ti5 is what we call entry-level product, in view of its ease of use, applicability in various agricultural operations and affordable investment," comments Bernardo de Castro.

The HxGN AgrOn Ti5 allows the use of precision agriculture resources, such as electric auto steering, variable rate controller and planting monitor. It is also suitable for operations that can be carried out with low precision, such as spreading limestone in a spreader. As such, it meets the objective of bringing the benefits of technology to small and medium-sized agricultural productions in an accessible way. "Knowing these tools, the farmer broadens their horizons and opens up countless possibilities to achieve even more success in his business."