Perfit partners with WorkNC Dental from Vero Software

Perfit Dental - Canada

Perfit Dental Solutions have teamed up with CAD/CAM software heavyweight WorkNC Dental…saying it is crucial for their workflow.

Perfit were able to gain familiarity with the programming aspects first, at their milling centre in Kelowna, BC. Then they began to look at development opportunities to expand on the current capabilities.

WorkNC Dental Global Manager Laurent Journeau says: “We are proud to support leaders of the dental industry such as Perfit DENTAL, who lead by example throughout North America.  Their methods and ideas are simply light years ahead of the rest.

“We’re excited to be leading the way in digital dentistry and challenging the status quo as we know it. In the coming months, new innovative solutions will be released to further automate the production of bridges, dentures and dental implants.

“As patient care providers, Perfit have a unique advantage, with experience in both the patient care category, as well as the dental lab. Recognising a trend in immediate gratification products and mass customization, Perfit solutions were created to exceed standards in every category from both the patient and lab perspective. People with missing teeth want high quality solutions that look great, are light-weight, feel natural, healthy, and are long-lasting and affordable – plus they want it now. This presents quite a challenge – which is why Perfit enlisted our help.”

Historically, the industry has seen many solutions for crowns and bridges, but there has not been the same progress with dentures, removables and larger dental implant cases.
Steve Cowburn, Dental Solutions’ co-founder, says : “We’re really excited to be working with WorkNC Dental, which is part of the world’s number one CAM supplier, Vero Software. High-end CAM software is crucial for our workflow – it’s really the brain of production.  When you have like-minded individuals, amazing things just happen.”  
On a recent trip to Perfit Dental Solutions’ head office in Kelowna BC, Laurent Journeau and Business Development Manager Ron Rosenthal attended the Perfit Academy of Digital Dentistry.  During the visit, the companies were able to discuss future development and optimize Perfit’s existing milling centre which features an Imes-Icore 650i.
Members of the Perfit Academy of Digital Dentistry shared knowledge about the advantages and limitations of 3D scanning technologies advantages, along with CAD/CAM workflows, milling machines and marketing.

Perfit Dental Solutions is home to one of the world’s first fully digital denture and continues to develop innovative solutions for removable veneers, dental implants, partial denture and complete dentures. Perfit is passionate about utilizing technology to deliver high quality, solutions that benefit both the patient and practitioner.