Hexagon's News Mash-Up

The latest News Mash-Up video explores the biggest stories and announcements from the second quarter of 2023. Learn about exciting ways customers use our technology worldwide, along with new acquisitions, partnerships with global brands and innovative product developments.

Key takeaways

· More than 3,600 people attend HxGN LIVE Global 2023

· Hexagon collaborates with NVIDIA and Sony

· Reality Cloud Studio and Nexus for Developers announced

· Hexagon acquires HARD-LINE, global mine automation leader

· Leica Geosystems powers medieval Florence recreation project

· Liebherr and Hexagon expand semi-automatic machine control systems

· Hexagon’s sustainability investment firm R-evolution partners with Hagal

· Spanish region Campo de Cartagena develops complete digital twin

· New product HxGN Smart Sites combines data for site operations

HxGN LIVE Global 2023 hosts more than 3,600 people from 77 countries

As the leading digital technology conference, HxGN LIVE Global 2023 began with an inspiring, optimistic keynote from Hexagon’s President and CEO Paolo Guglielmini. Showcasing 11 groundbreaking keynotes and 444 individual sessions, this year’s event also introduced the first-ever Innovation Day with an amazing keynote by Hexagon’s CTO Burkhard Boeckem.

Guest speakers included Chris Edwards (CEO, The Third Floor) and NVIDIA Vice President Rev Lebaredian discussing Leica BLK solutions and moving beyond digital twins. A panel with Tyler Mincey from Baukunst, Andy Pratt from Microsoft, Tom Soderstrom from AWS and more featured expert insights about how to scale innovation for the future. Attendees also explored The Zone, showcasing Hexagon’s latest tech, hands-on experiences, Lightning Talks and Disruption Sessions from leading experts.

Collaborating with NVIDIA to transform industrial digital twin solutions

Announced at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, Hexagon is collaborating with NVIDIA to create industrial digital twin solutions, merging reality capture, AI, simulation and visualisation. The collaboration offers real-time comparisons with real-world models, connecting Hexagon’s HxDR and Nexus platforms to NVIDIA Omniverse. The integration advances digital factories and urban development, leveraging up-to-date data for productivity, quality, safety and profitability.

Partnering with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to enhance reality capture

Hexagon and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (Sony) are partnering to combine Sony’s advanced Time-of-Flight image sensor and software with GrandSLAM technologies, expanding the Leica BLK product line with the BLK2GO PULSE. Launching in early 2024, the new handheld reality capture device will provide instant data access and collaboration with HxDR, Hexagon’s digital reality cloud platform.

Announcing Reality Cloud Studio to bring automated digital reality to the cloud

Reality Cloud Studio, a user-friendly SaaS application unveiled at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, simplifies reality capture data processing. Powered by HxDR, Reality Cloud Studio automates registration and meshing of point clouds captured by various sensors. Users upload data to the cloud for automated processing, generating photorealistic digital twins with fast and secure data sharing. The intuitive interface, real-time collaboration and compatibility with various devices aim to democratise reality capture technology.

Introducing Nexus for Developers, enabling manufacturers to build innovative digital reality solutions

Also introduced at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, Nexus for Developers is a development environment that builds native SaaS applications and connected solutions for engineering and manufacturing. Leveraging the Nexus digital reality platform, the environment facilities real-time collaboration, enabling both novice and professional developers to create innovative digital reality solutions. Nexus for Developers fully launches in late 2023.

Strengthening mining automation and safety solutions with acquisition of HARD-LINE

Hexagon acquired HARD-LINE, a Canadian company known for mine automation and remote-control technology. The acquisition bolsters Hexagon’s mine technology solutions, particularly in underground and autonomous mining. HARD-LINE’s remote-control solutions accelerate autonomous offerings by allowing tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from any location.

Unveiling the past: Digitally reconstructing Florence

“Florence As It Was” by Dr George Bent, Professor of Art History, employs 3D laser scanning and reality capture technology to recreate 15th-century Florence. Combining point clouds of historic architecture and photogrammetry models of original artwork, the project is unearthing hidden gems and forgotten stories, enriching cultural heritage understanding. These 3D reconstructions challenge traditional art history, offering an immersive digital guide. Explore medieval Florence at the project’s website.

Liebherr and Leica Geosystems: Expanded range of semi-automatic machine control systems for crawler excavators

In collaboration with Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, Liebherr is expanding its machine control systems for Generation 8 crawler excavator models. These systems provide real-time information to operators, aiding efficiency, precision and safety in construction projects. The semi-automated version offers active assistance, automating movements for increased accuracy and reduced rework.

Hagal and R-evolution join forces in a sustainable tech partnership

Battery technology company Hagal and Hexagon’s green-tech investment firm R-evolution are joining forces to create a promising collaboration. The partnership leverages Hagal’s expertise in prolonging battery cell lifespan and R-evolution’s data analytics proficiency in optimising solar power profitability and reducing CO2 emissions. R-evolution grants Hagal access to the Archidona solar park in Spain to demonstrate its battery technology. The collaboration accelerates the transition to renewable energy and sustainable battery solutions, fostering mutual benefits.

Spain’s first digital twin in Campo de Cartagena

Spain authorities will use Hexagon’s Luciad platform to simulate potential environmental issues in the Campo de Cartagena region and the Menor Sea. The digital twins will enable visual comparisons, data analysis and simulations to predict and prevent disasters and enhance sustainability.

Hexagon introduces HxGN Smart Sites for managing complex sites

HxGN Smart Sites, a real-time data visualisation and location intelligence solution, enhances situational awareness for complex site operations. The platform unites dynamic and static data into a 3D common operational picture piloted by BASF at their Antwerp chemical production site.