With investment in precision agriculture, MP Agro increased revenue by 65% in 2021

The manufacturer invested in technologies from Hexagon's Agriculture division to increase the efficiency of its equipment.


13 April 2022

Precision agriculture has been boosting the agricultural sector and ensuring its growth even in the midst of economic adversity — and this should continue in the coming years. According to the consultancy Markets and Markets Research, the precision market is expected to increase by 61% by 2026. In this scenario, the manufacturer of agricultural machinery and implements MP Agro is one of the companies that have invested in this technology and achieved results. With the support of a fertiliser control system developed by Hexagon's Agriculture division, the manufacturer increased sales by 65% in the last year and estimates to continue growing in 2022.

"In this partnership, we customised software and hardware to assist in high performance in MP Agro equipment. We work with our embedded electronics technologies to ensure greater effectiveness in the application of inputs, both in fixed and variable rates, and include disk rotation control modules and section disconnection," explains Bernardo de Castro, president of the division, which produces digital solutions for the agricultural and forestry markets.

The HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control system regulates and automates the application of inputs intelligently, avoiding waste and equalising nutrients in the soil — important demands for MP Agro, which is a reference in the fertilisation and soil fertilisation segment. "We serve the largest grain producers in the world, and it was with technology and productivity that we reached this level. With that in mind, it made sense for us to work with Hexagon as a strategic partner to assist us in the challenges related to precision agriculture," points out Daúd Falconi, Commercial Director of the manufacturer.

For 2022, growth expectations are even higher. "The prices of agricultural inputs have increased in the last year, and this should continue to be one of the biggest challenges in the sector," says Bernardo de Castro. To overcome the situation, the executive believes that the adoption of techniques and products to rationalise the use of fertilisers and pesticides should be a priority among producers and companies in the industry. A fertiliser controller such as that adopted by MP Agro, for example, can generate a savings of about 20% in the inputs applied by the producer.

Qualified service

The partnership also includes the Remote Access module of machines, which allows the technical team of MP Agro to view the screen of the on-board computers of the customers' machines for calibration and resolution of problems in real time remotely in any situation, by merely having access to the internet. "Increasingly, service and after-sales will become competitive differentials. And, with Hexagon's remote access, we were able to be next to the customer, even inside our factory," reinforces Daúd.

This type of solution also provides significant gains in time and reduction in operating costs for MP Agro and the end user, as explained by the president of Hexagon's Agriculture division. "There is, for example, a reduction in expenses with field technicians, give that, in addition to reducing the number of open calls, many are resolved in the office itself," Bernardo points out.

The partnership between companies began in 2020 and, since then, Hexagon has been working on solutions to aggregate MP Agro's product portfolio. The next step should be a technology for fleet management, which will offer the manufacturer's customer easier control of its operations.

About MP Agro - Founded in 2012, in São Carlos (SP), MP Agro is a manufacturer of stainless-steel machines and implements for self-propelled agricultural tractors and trucks especially for soil fertilisation. Its purpose is to make the agricultural market more efficient and productive through reliable technological solutions.