Mobile measuring device from Hexagon Metrology supports the production of electric power generators

DONAKO - Germany

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

We rely on energy for many purposes, and the fact is that natural energy resources are becoming ever scarcer. Renewable energy sources are worth investing in and supporting for the future, this is what DONAKO strives for as a manufacturer of electrical machine sub-assemblies, with world energy industry leaders among its clients. In its aim to produce perfected components and with its future-oriented outlook, DONAKO has decided to put its trust in a mobile measurement solution from Hexagon Metrology – the ROMER Absolute Arm. Thanks to this solution, improved quality of the production process has become a reality.

The company’s hallmark is certainly its long and rich tradition. DONAKO traces its origins to the M-5 Lower Silesian Electrical Machine Production Establishments founded in 1947. The company operating under the current name was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of ABB Dolmel Drives Ltd. DONAKO’s rich experience places it, without a doubt, in a leading position amongst entrepreneurs in the energy sector.

From traditional metrology to the ROMER Absolute Arm

As recently as two years ago, DONAKO was still performing its quality control process using traditional metrological methods. However, in keeping with the spirit of the times and in response to increasingly higher quality demands, it was decided to implement the ROMER Absolute Arm measuring system. It is thanks to this system that a very noticeable increase in production has taken place. The ergonomic construction and intuitive operation resulted in the ROMER Absolute Arm immediately gaining the trust of DONAKO employees. “It took less time than expected to adopt this arm for regular service and to reap the associated benefits”, confirms Jacek Zebracki, Quality Management Director at DONAKO.

Quality control of electric power generator subassemblies

The ROMER Absolute Arm is used primarily for the measurement of welded assemblies and rotor sheets, the components of electric power generators. The four and a half meter range of the arm also makes the measurement of bulky generator brackets possible, working to a tolerance of ±0.1 mm. Thanks to a leap-frog relocation system provided within the measuring system software, it is possible to measure large elements in many hard-to-reach areas. The arm’s compatibility with the most widely distributed metrological software in the world, PC-DMIS, ensures that DONAKO employees have no trouble with the inspection of even indirect dimensions, which, before adoption of the arm, was time consuming and costly. The benefit of the arm’s mobility was confirmed among DONAKO operators taking measurements in several company establishments. This has been achieved thanks to a mobility pack (battery and Wi-Fi module) installed on the arm, as well as by its lightweight technology (carbon fibre).

Another comprehensive solution from Hexagon Metrology

DONAKO’s quality control process is also supported by another innovative solution from Hexagon Metrology, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401. Its extensive reach, combined with high accuracy makes it possible to measure complex surfaces of bulky generator turbines. DONAKO has put its trust in Hexagon Metrology products in the knowledge that, thanks to advanced technology, it is possible to quickly obtain important measurement data wherever traditional methods are impractical or impossible to apply.