Leica T Products ensure maximum quality at Volkswagen

Volkswagen Sachsen - Germany

Zwickau-based Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH uses the Leica T-Scan 5, relying on the precision of Hexagon Metrology products.

The Zwickau vehicle plant produces Volkswagen Golfs, Golf Variants, Passat Variants, and also bodies for Phaetons and Bentleys. It is also the source of pressed parts for the entire group.

Absolute precision plus maximum mobility

The Leica LTD800 high-performance 6DoF laser tracker has already been in use for over a decade together with the Leica T-Probe probing solution and later on the first generation of scanning solution, a combination ensuring the utmost accuracy for template-making, the master joining jig and other production systems. Measurements were previously carried out using a theodolite system from Leica. However, the increasing complexity of motor vehicles and the growing demands for quality and perfection associated with this mean that real-time measurements are now essential.

The Leica T-Scan 5 and the Leica T-Probe are used – in conjunction with the Leica Absolute Tracker – to check and measure production systems within the body shop, to analyse and simulate corrections in the production systems, to check body components and assemblies, and to operate the master joining jig to qualify individual parts and welded assemblies for the body.
Each of these applications serves to perfect quality and process reliability at Volkswagen Sachsen, as the prescribed tolerances impose maximum requirements on the accuracy of the measuring systems.

The guaranteed service and support offered by Hexagon Metrology is appreciated as the equipment is in almost constant use. The experts working within analysis and with the master joining jig use the Leica T-Scan 5 and the Leica T-Probe on a daily basis. These measuring systems help cover virtually all types of measuring task.

“The activities undertaken within a production company are increasingly shifting to various production locations. In order to keep up with this development and the constant demand to manufacture more efficiently, highlyflexible and portable measuring solutions with absolute accuracy are highly valued. Both the Leica T-Scan 5 and the Leica T-Probe are measuring devices that support our work and the objective of maximum precision.” stresses Dieter Hildesheim, head of template making in the Zwickau pilot hall.