Agricultural machinery: investment in auto steering can help manufacturers increase sales

Integration of the solution can be a differentiator compared to the competition and attract buyers looking for more advanced and efficient machines

harvester in the field

21 December 2023

Although sales of agricultural machinery grew in August compared to July — 5,054 units were sold, an increase of 23.3% — the year-to-date shows a difficult scenario for manufacturers. According to the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea), in the first eight months of 2023, 38,611 units were sold, 9.9% below the 42,842 machines sold from January to August last year. In this context, one of the main strategies to help attract more sales is investment in technology. 

“Manufacturers realised the importance of investing in more sophisticated products, which leave the factory with technologies for precision agriculture and connectivity options for constant monitoring. The intensification of the use of these resources influences the increase in productivity at the end and this is, after all, the main objective of the producers”, points out Marcio Blau, Sales Manager at Hexagon — a company that develops technological solutions for the field.

With an eye on this market, technology suppliers are betting on the development and improvement of resources to make the machines more attractive. One of the most sought-after solutions is auto steering, which allows producers to maximise field resources and reduce trajectory repetitiveness, in addition to significantly reducing soil compaction. “The HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering, for example, is adaptable to most tractors on the market, has an electric or hydraulic drive, compatibility with steer ready machines and easy installation and integration”, says Márcio.

According to the Sales Manager, benefits such as increased productivity and reduced operating costs are always on the list of priorities for producers, and it is essential that manufacturers pay attention to these attractions to sell more. “Farmers are always looking for ways to reduce costs and produce more. By incorporating auto steering technology into their agricultural machines and communicating the benefits effectively, manufacturers can meet farmers' demands for more efficient machinery and thus boost sales. Additionally, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to innovation and solid technical support can help build lasting relationships with customers,” he points out.  

More sustainability for operations
Another increasingly recurring concern among producers is the use of sustainable practices in field operations. In this sense, technology can be an important ally. Auto steering systems and advanced sensors in machines can enable precise resource management, reducing waste of inputs such as water, fertilisers and pesticides. 

“Additionally, collecting real-time data and analysing this information can help farmers make informed decisions that benefit the environment while improving the efficiency of farming operations. Manufacturers that highlight these benefits and demonstrate commitment to sustainability are in a strategic position to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly agricultural practices”, concludes Marcio.