Increase productivity with efficient material data management

With the increasing complexity of materials used in industry, along with the raising awareness of environmental concerns, the need for efficient management of material data has become essential

An enterprise-scalable system that manages large amounts of material data and processes from a central location with full traceability will be introduced in this webinar.

By establishing a robust material data management system, enterprises can streamline their processes, reduce errors, and enhance product development cycles. MaterialCenter enables engineers to make informed decisions regarding material selection, design optimisation, and performance evaluation to maximise efficiency and accelerate product innovation.

Furthermore, effective material data management improves communication and facilitates collaboration between different teams. MaterialCenter ensures an access to consistent and reliable data with controlled access to secure confidential data. Project overviews can be displayed and work requests can be issued with approval workflows to ensure best practices and readiness of materials for use in industrial projects and applications.


Keith Dunlop – Product Manager for MaterialCenter and Materials Connect at Hexagon
As a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with a long history at MSC, now Hexagon, Keith moved from Bombardier Aerospace in 1996. Keith has occupied several roles over the years supporting customer activity with a wide variety of products and supporting a wide variety of disciplines. More recently he has worked closely with customers for both MaterialCenter and SimManager and is very familiar with requirements from both authors and consumers of data in various industries and the associated challenges related to deployment and adoption. Keith is the Product Manager for both MaterialCenter and Nexus Materials Connect.