How do you choose a technology supplier for your agricultural machine?

Quality of technical support and flexibility of solutions are some of the points that must be observed by the rural producer in this selection.


10 March 2021 

With the advancement of agriculture 4.0, having agricultural machines with embedded technological innovations is no longer a differential, becoming a necessity for any producer who wants to optimise the efficiency of their operations in the field as much as possible. Supported by software and microprocessors, tractors, harvesters and implements gain new functionality, reduce costs and increase productivity.

"Adding hardware (physical product, such as displays, controllers and sensors) and software (operating system) from a supplier is the best way to transform equipment into true technological tools," explains Bernardo de Castro, president of Hexagon's Agriculture division, which develops integrated digital solutions for the field.

Check out some tips to take into consideration when choosing a technology supplier for your agricultural machines.

Brand trust and solidity

First of all, it is important to verify that the technology supplier is a trusted company. After all, this is an important investment that can make all the difference in your agricultural production.

It is possible to research some topics such as the revenue and growth of the company in recent years and the number of employees and partners with which it operates.

"A brand that has been demonstrating good growth and that is already known and solid in the market has a much greater chance of being a trusted supplier," says Bernardo.

Qualified technical support

No equipment is free from the need for maintenance and eventual repairs. Therefore, the qualification of the company's technical professionals is another aspect that needs to be taken into account when choosing a technology supplier.

It is very important to evaluate whether there is the availability of a service structure and rapid and effective support, since the entire agricultural operation can be greatly impaired in case of problems. "Be sure to confirm that there are technical assistance and after-sales centers," emphasises Bernardo.

Complete and innovative solutions

Everyone is looking for companies that meet their needs, but it is interesting to invest in suppliers that present complete solutions for cultivation. In addition to proving expertise, this enables producers to add more technological products to their equipment in the future.

Another essential point is to check the degree of innovation of the company. "A technology supplier must always be aware of the news and seek to bring innovation to their products. That's why here at Hexagon, we invest at least 12% of net sales in Research and Development", explains the president of Hexagon's Agriculture division.

Flexibility and customisation

Checking whether the supplier offers flexibility is also critical when choosing a company to acquire hardware and software.

Ideally, brands should be ready to integrate their products with other technologies and components that may already be used by the rural producer.

"In addition to compatibility, we take very much into account the need of each consumer. Therefore, we offer additional modules and customisation to arrive, together, with what it really needs", explains Bernardo de Castro.