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Technology and support - Partners in metrology with the Measurewel group

Based in Aurangabad city in Western India, the Measurewel Group is one of the leading professional providers of dimensional inspection, calibration and engineering services. Since its inception in 2007, the company has regularly provided services to a wide range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, power and energy, steel manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Measurewel has continually expanded its range of capabilities, allowing it to diversify and offer what is now a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ for all kinds of measurement services.

Measurewel-TechnovisionAlong with an in-house coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection facility, the company provides on-site inspection services using portable systems like measuring arms and laser trackers. Measurewel specialises in reverse engineering using 3D scanning and has a well-equipped NABL-certified calibration lab. They also have a technical training centre where metrology professionals can learn more about the latest technology and software.

“We are three directors and we came together in 2007 to start Measurewel Technovision Pvt Ltd here in Aurangabad,” explains Measurewel CEO Suhas Bhoge. “We have more than 18 years’ experience in operations engineering, manufacturing and quality departments. Initially we started off with a calibration lab and later added a stationary CMM. Through 2013, the business continued to grow with just two machines. At that time, we were the only metrology services provider in the city and with our continued expertise and excellence, Measurewel’s location is now called the Metrology Park.”

Measurewel_CMM“At Measurewel, it’s not just about inspection; we have an interest in our customer’s success. Using the latest inspection technology, we offer prompt measurement services at competitive prices. Our company’s focus and commitment are always on customer satisfaction and working together to provide the optimum solution to change the face of measurement and to continue to revolutionise quality processes and systems.”

A growing business

The business was gaining momentum and receiving increasing requests for the inspection of parts. The rising number of components passing through the company’s busy QA department motivated them to look for an advanced portable measuring solution. After considering other similar capacity products, Measurewel decided that an Absolute Arm with integrated laser scanner from Hexagon was the ideal CMM for their needs. They’ve since been impressed with the robust reliability of an arm that offers scanning accuracy to within just 50 microns and has never demanded any service or maintenance in its six years of use at Measurewel.

The businesses requirement to continuously move its measuring systems to customer locations has shown the Absolute Arm to be a very user-friendly option. With this new improved portable measurement capability, the company began supporting industries outside the Aurangabad region, in areas such as Pune, Ahmed Nagar, Nasik, Nagpur and other parts of the country.

“We work on a concept of ‘pin-to-plane’, says Sanjay Yeola. Measurewel Director. “That means that we can measure parts from as small as a pin to as large as a plane. Today, with the help of Hexagon’s products, we‘ve left no area uncovered.”
Hexagon has the best technology in the world and its solutions are accepted by all industries. This has given us an edge that has helped grow our business. “We can perform inspection for dies, moulds, relation gauges or fixtures. We can measure almost any automotive components, whether two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheelers, as well as large vehicle chassis like helicopters from major aerospace companies. On top of that we can inspect everything from slew bearings to power plant structures. And with the help of laser tracker systems we also do assembly and layout.”

Fast and accurate inspection

Measurewel_Tracker-systemIn 2015, Measurewel invested in the Leica Absolute Tracker AT402, as they realised the potential laser tracking had in their market. This product from Hexagon was a game changer for the company, allowing metrology-grade accuracy within a measurement range of up to 160 metres. As well as training for the new products, Hexagon’s sales team extended tremendous support in introducing Measurewel to their network of contacts, thereby helping the company grow exponentially.

Two years later Measurewel further invested in CMM technology, including multisensor models, bringing accuracy to within just five microns to the company’s in-house metrology lab. Together, these technologies from Hexagon helped the company achieve a six-fold increase in turnover.

Advanced analysis and reporting software

Charudutta Joshi, Measurewel Director, acknowledges how important it is that the data captured using Hexagon’s PC-DMIS software can help them with reverse engineering, an increasingly important part of the inspection process. “We use the measurement data for analysing the components, helping our customers improve the quality of their components, fixtures and gauges.”

“We also do CAD comparisons and share reports in the form of pictorial representations to give high-quality analysis to our customers. A notable achievement is that, over the last four years, we are the only company in the country able to use a full CMM to calibrate the laser tracker adaptors that are used in the aerospace industry.”

Measurewel_Measuring-ArmA big business with full support

Measurewel now has a customer base of almost 500 companies and is a direct vendor to almost all the big manufacturing companies in India. Reverse engineering is now a big part of the business and Measurewel aims to expand its geographical presence across the country in addition to its existing set-ups in Western India, in Nasik and Ahmed Nagar. With this growth, the company wishes to continue to collaborate with Hexagon in the areas of scanning and advanced laser tracking.

The support Measurewel has already received from Hexagon is seen within the business as a vital contributor to its success. “Even Hexagon’s service is fantastic,” adds Suhas Bhoge. “If there is an issue, Hexagon provide us with immediate support. There have even been situations where they allowed us to use their machines so we could support our customers amid tight timelines.”

“Hexagon are just not our sellers,” concludes Sanjay Yeola. “They’re true partners who have always had good intentions of helping us to grow with them.”