Hexagon Agriculture Division is taking part in event on world trends in Agribusiness

Agritechnica is the world's largest trade fair in the sector, with almost three thousand exhibitors.

Hexagon’s Agriculture Division is taking part in event on world trends in Agribusiness


18 November 2019

After seven days of the event, Agritechnica, the world's largest trade fair for innovation and technology in agribusiness, closed another edition this Saturday, the 16th. It was held in Hanover, Germany, almost 3,000 exhibitors from 53 countries. Innovations, concepts and visions about agricultural technology were presented. This included Hexagon's Agriculture Division.

With headquarters and factory in Florianópolis (Brazil), the Hexagon’s Agriculture Division presented solutions such as HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering, HxGN AgrOn Guidance, HxGN AgrOn Fertilisation Control, HxGN AgrOn Sprayer Control, HxGN AgrOn Planting Control and HxGN AgrOn Planting Monitor, and the add-on module Remote Access. All of these include the latest embedded technology, essential to optimise operations. The result is cost savings!

Taking part in the Agritechnica is always a big step towards the future of agro-industry. The biannual event brings together a multitude of products and world trends in the sector. "Here, we have contact with practically all the segments and regions in which we operate. As such, we can reinforce Hexagon's position as a global player in agricultural solutions", evaluates the president of Hexagon's Agriculture Division, Bernardo de Castro.

In addition to innovations, events such as the Agritechnica are essential for building and maintaining network loyalty. "We were visited by our distributors Ronin (South Africa) and Frendt (Ukraine). These are very important partners for us in the countries where we operate. It is a way to strengthen the relationship and exchange technical experience, both for those who are in the field, "experiencing our equipment", and for those who are in the factory, closely following the development and improvement of the products" Bernardo de Castro says.

The Agritechnica is a way to analyse how the market is preparing for the future and what is to come in the agro-industrial sector. "Being here, being part of the fair, allows us to discover market trends worldwide. It also helps with definitions and strategic positioning. Much of what we learn here will be taken back to Brazil, to benefit producers, manufacturers and our Brazilian partners," he concludes.