Hexagon's aerospace experts share their insights into digital transformation

Digital transformation offers significant gains for aerospace manufacturers. How will your business make the most of new digital technologies? In these short interviews, our experts look at why it's so critical to overcome roadblocks on the path to transformation – and where to start with Hexagon's solutions.

Making aerospace manufacturing smarter with Hexagon

Our experts share how Hexagon is addressing the major challenges in aerospace manufacturing with greater agility, efficiency and collaboration.

What aerospace manufacturers are talking about

Aziz Tahiri, VP, Aerospace & Defence, shares why digitalisation is currently underused in the aerospace industry and how this can be addressed to unlock new gains.

Hexagon supports aerospace manufacturers to reach their goals for the future

Stephen Chadwick, President, EMEA Region, shares how Hexagon supports aerospace manufacturers to realise their future vision for their business and overcome digitalization challenges.

The future of virtual twins in aerospace manufacturing

Our experts take a step-by-step look at how Hexagon's solutions work together to fuel true digital twins, at the intersection of the virtual and the real.