Hexagon Metrology is assuring quality of composite parts at PCT UAE

PCT - United Arab Emirates


Construction without limits

Architecture without constrains, futuristic concepts turned into reality, state-of-the-art solutions – all this is possible thanks to the advanced composites materials. Premier Composite Technologies (PCT), located in Dubai, is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of advanced composite solutions for the Architectural Design, Transportation and boatbuilding markets. Composite materials are extremely light, durable and allow the creation of sophisticated geometric shapes. They are used in a wide range of applications such as architecture, marine, rail and wind energy. In order to assure the best quality of manufactured composite parts, PCT uses portable measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology; two Leica Absolute Trackers AT401 and the ROMER Absolute Arm. 

Check of moulds and final composite parts

Thanks to the unrivalled expertise in Advanced Composites Construction, PCT takes part in various significant projects. One of them was the construction of the largest clock in the world with a face size of 43 meters in diameter, located at over 400 meters above the ground in Mecca, and the other was the construction of the domes for the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Portable measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology are used to check composite components’ moulds and final parts in various applications. In the railway industry, the PCT quality team verifies the front end of trains. In architecture, they check mosque domes and exterior claddings. The Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 and ROMER Absolute Arm were used for example to verify the quality of over 1000 roof panels for the Haramain High Speed Railway station roof in Medinah. In the marine industry, Hexagon Metrology systems assure the quality of hulls in high-tech racing yachts and cruise racers.

Reliable partner for reliable products

The PCT Quality team decided on portable coordinate measuring machines from Hexagon Metrology as this choice guaranteed the reliability of their products. Thanks to the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401which allows extreme precision over ultra large distances and the ROMER Absolute Arm, an all-purpose metrology tool, the team can be sure that both moulds and final parts are correctly manufactured. High speed of the arm, its low weight, and simplicity of use makes the work of the quality team at PCT easier. Both systems from Hexagon Metrology are used daily by PCT. “Hexagon Metrology means for us unquestionable quality. We chose solutions from Hexagon Metrology because we wanted to guarantee the highest possible reliability for our products. Our mission is to be the premier choice for advanced composite products. We can achieve it by making sure that composite components produced by us meet the high expectations of our customers”, says Matthew Gorman, Quality Manager in PCT. He adds: “with Hexagon Metrology we can also count on good and fast technical support.”