Hexagon digital platform creates smart farm


10 January 2019

With more than 25,000 pieces of equipment in operation in 36 countries, Hexagon 's Agriculture division has helped large agricultural and forestry companies to take a closer look at every stage of development in the field. The result is the optimisation of the use of raw materials, resources and inputs and, consequently, the increase in productivity. The company is currently involved in the planning processes of 46% of global sugarcane production.

A highlight of the HxGN AgrOn platform is the AgrOn Cultivation portfolio, a set of solutions for crop management. Among the products, AgrOn Machine Monitoring, a system that manages information for machines and fleets that are operating in the field, stands out. The product registers from the position of the vehicle, to the activity in execution, helping to reduce the number of machines stopped for maintenance and fuel consumption.

Besides monitoring the fleet, AgrOn Machine Monitoring generates reports with indicators of yield, productivity, area worked, distance travelled, speed and RPM. The system also has the advantage of using telemetry and integrating with existing sensors, bringing increased efficiency of the machines in all processes - cultivation, harvest and transportation.

The HxGN AgrOn platform also has the AgrOn Harvesting portfolio, a system that manages all stages of harvesting and transportation logistics. "Hexagon's differential is to meet technologically all agricultural processes, from end to end, synchronising actions so that the result is the thorough control of tasks," explains Bernardo de Castro, president of the division.