Gear inspection with Leitz coordinate measuring machines

Gear inspection with the ideal tool for measuring

CMMs, when properly equipped, are the ideal tool for measuring gears. They combine the flexiblity of a general purpose measuring system, with specialized probing and software that allows them to be fully functional gear measuring centers.

If you are in the windpower, heavy equipment, powertrain and power generation markets, the Leitz product line has high accuracy machines, such as the PMM-F and PMM-G, which are ideal for gear inspection. For more general purpose applications, a Brown & Sharpe Global CMM can be equipped for gear measurement. Software packages such as Quindos and PC-DMIS have modules available specifically designed for gear geometry.

Precise inspection of big gears is traditionally expensive, if not impossible. The Leitz PMM-G series has changed that. The PMM-G is available in several sizes: for gear diameters up to 2950mm / 116”, up to 3950mm / 155” and up to 4450mm / 177”. The shaft length can be as long as 7000mm / 275”.

No weight limit and no rotary table

Our CMMs work without requiring a rotary table so the weight of the gear is practically unlimited and does not influence accuracy. Alignment or centering of the gear is not required. Because no rotary table is necessary, it's possible to inspect multiple gears on the same table setup.

Any kind of gear or cutting tool

With more than 25 years of experience in gear inspection, we offer solutions for basically any kind of gear - cylindrical, spiral bevel, crown gears, helical gears, gear spurs, gear racks, gear segments, etc. Additionally, precisely measure almost any type of gear cutting tool such as hob, shaper, shaver, broach and form cutter. Even curvic couplings can be tested on Leitz machines. The measurement cycle is fully automatic and the evaluation of deviations can be done according to any common standard, such as AGMA, ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, CNOMO and CAT.

Segments and racks

Large gears are manufactured in segments and quality control has always been difficult. Dedicated gear tester's limits is where the PMM-G comes in - gear segments and racks are no problem for a Leitz PMM-G. After measuring individual segments, the software can put them together and evaluate pitch and runout.

Long shafts

By fixing long shafts up to 7000mm / 275" horizontally, the PMM-G checks the gears and all features on the shaft quickly, precisely and automatically within a single set up.

Gear inspection using a coordinate measuring machine