The final control

Tencate - France

A member of the TenCate Advanced Composites group, TenCate Advanced Armor Europe implements unique armouring, ballistics and personal protection solutions using composites and ceramics technology. TenCate Advanced Armor Europe manufactures and assembles flat and curved plates for armour products for individuals, planes, helicopters, vehicles and ships within the European Union for military purposes and global policing applications. Its aerospace branch, based at the Primarette site in French, is in full growth.

The contractors in the aerospace branch of TenCate Advanced Armor have laid down new requirements in terms of dimensional quality control. The firm has called on a service provider to accompany it in this metrology process and contacted several measuring arm manufacturers with a view to purchasing a suitable measuring tool. ROMER was the natural choice thanks to the good reputation of the group and its excellent after-sales service. ROMER was able to satisfy the specifications, and the fact that one of TenCate’s subcontractors had just replaced an old ROMER arm with a new ROMER Absolute Arm augured well for the future!
The ROMER Absolute measuring arm can be used to measure the length, width, height and centre distance positions of the parts manufactured by TenCate. These consist of a combination of textiles and very robust ceramics used for armour plating, for example for the floor of a helicopter or a plane. Measuring fastening points and dimensions is crucial to ensuring that these parts are perfectly adapted to their environment.

According to Mr Pierre, inspector and deputy workshop manager, “the arm provides the customer with a guarantee of the quality of these parts. In the past, we used a slide calliper which didn’t offer the required level of precision. Today, we are able to provide the exact part requested by the customer. The ROMER arm enables us to consolidate the progress made in production quality by means of inspection.” Inspecting the kits makes it possible to take corrective action immediately if necessary. The arm is used in the final parts inspection as well as when receiving parts to identify any suspected anomaly. The inspection department’s motto is to check as early as possible, hence the advantage of having a universal measuring tool which guarantees absolute precision in the inspection process.

P1020502Today, all the parts coming off the production line are measured. This continuous inspection is also carried out with other tools depending on requirements - slide callipers or visual inspection – during all the stages of production. If an anomaly is suspected or identified, “we test the product using the arm”. ROMER arm measurement analysis reports are thus included in the product documentation intended for the end customer.

Mr Pierre explains that “3D measurement ensures both improved performance and time-saving. Certain measurements can be taken very quickly when it is simply a question of measuring a few holes. Others are more complex and require more time if the external fastenings must also be measured. The ultra-specific fields of application and the requirements of our customers represent a challenge which constantly pushes us to improve our quality and precision. TenCate must ensure that it has the means to continually improve its results. The ROMER arm enables us to achieve these objectives.”

“Each inspection is different. We have never yet measured the same part twice! Working with the ROMER Absolute measuring arm is great,” claim the satisfied users. Four people have been trained on the ROMER arm with a lead pilot. The aim at present is to increase the rate over the coming weeks and to ensure that the arm is used more frequently by the people responsible for industrial products. The creation of inspection ranges is also scheduled for future measurements.