Expoforest 2023: Companies Seek Technology to Solve the Workforce Problem

Considered the largest dynamic forestry fair in the world, the event estimates turnover of R$ 500 million in business

16 August 2023

One of the main demands of companies visiting Expoforest 2023, a fair that will take place in São Paulo’s countryside until the end of this week, is for technologies helping solve a problem that jeopardizes the sector development: the lack of qualified workforce. Different technological solutions can help to improve forestry companies’ processes, making the production cycle more efficient.

“Companies are coming to the fair seeking for solutions to their problems, mainly related to mechanization and process improvements. Here at the Hexagon stand, we have already had visits from professionals from South Africa, Indonesia, Spain, Finland, the USA, that is, from several parts of the world, in addition, of course, from well-known companies here in Latin America. All of them are optimistic on the market, business and prospecting for expansion”, says Ronaldo Soares, forestry manager at Hexagon, which develops technology focused on optimizing and integrating all forestry processes, ensuring greater precision and efficiency.

Considered the largest dynamic forest fair in the world, the 5th Expoforest takes place until this Friday (11) in Guatapará, 40 km from Ribeirão Preto (SP), and is expected to turnover R$ 500 million in business. By the end of the week, around 40,000 people are expected to visit the 250 exhibitors. 

For Ronaldo, the fair stands out as one of the main ones in the world, not only because of its size, but also because of its dynamics and Brazil's leading role in the technology development and application. “Many other events around the world are indoors, and Expoforest is not just an exhibition fair. Visitors, in addition to take part in the program, which includes sector seminars and meetings, have the chance to observe the machines at work. In addition, Brazil continues to be a great reference in the forestry sector, not only due to its ability to produce more occupying less area, but also due to its management pattern”, he comments. 

Management and Analysis Technologies

Two major demands of the sector are management and analysis technologies. These solutions allow you to collect data from forests and transform it into intelligent information, enabling optimized planning, efficient execution, precise machine controls and automated workflows. Machine monitoring solutions are an example: with the support of sensors and on-board computers installed in the forestry machinery, it is possible to monitor and adjust processes while they are taking place. The systems provide detailed reports with performance indicators and machine behavior, productivity, worked area, distance traveled, speed, among others.

Management software, on the other hand, allows this data analysis to solve problems and improve processes, resulting in more productivity and profit. HxGN AgrOn Gestão Operacional, a solution developed by Hexagon, can generate customized reports based on data sent automatically by forestry operations displays. “It contains information such as maps for viewing the operation characteristics, performance indicators charts, and tools for analyzing the georeferenced information”, emphasizes Ronaldo. Another differential pointed out by him is the solution flexibility in terms of customization and integration to other systems. “The forestry market does not want a shelf solution, it wants a solution that can be customized to the company’s needs and characteristics”.