Expanding public safety technology in Luxembourg

Grand Ducal Police upgrade CAD capabilities to better serve the public


The challenge

While the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the European Union (EU) at approximately 2,586 square kilometers, the 2,400 police officers and civilian employees of the Grand Ducal Police have a large job, serving and protecting the country’s almost 1 million inhabitants.

As part of a government services improvement initiative, Luxembourg determined that while the police force’s self-developed computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software was fully responsive to user requests, it needed to deliver more complete incident management capabilities backed by continuous support and a vendor service level agreement (SLA).

The solution

To better serve the public, improve incident management countrywide and meet its goals, the Grand Ducal Police selected Hexagon’s industry-leading CAD system after auditing numerous other systems including the Hexagon CAD solution in use in Belgium.

The Grand Ducal Police now have a solution in place at its National Intervention Centre that integrates with its external systems and is customized to meet the agency’s needs. And its SLA ensures incident and change management and GIS map upgrades, on-site user assistance and preventative maintenance, and regular communication and collaboration with Hexagon experts.

“We have an open and direct relationship and teams both here and at Hexagon who are totally dedicated to this project. Hexagon’s CAD system satisfies and even exceeds our operational needs, but the support we receive makes Hexagon a trusted partner and service provider – not just a software vendor.”
Vito de Michele
Project manager operations control system
Grand Ducal Police

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