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EQIC Dies & Moulds Engineers Pvt. Ltd - India

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In Hyderabad, India, EQIC is synonymous with the high-quality manufacturing of jigs, fixtures, gauges and press tools. The business owes part of its success to its early adoption of high-quality measurement technology, and is confident that an ongoing relationship with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will be a key part of its future growth and success.

Established in 1988, the company is a leading world-class player in the manufacturing and supply of high-precision, high-quality, consistent and productive tooling in fields such as aerospace, defence, power and automotive. Their customers are among the most well-known local and international manufacturers in these and many more industries.

The EQIC product offering is divided across five departments: pressure diecasting dies; tooling (jigs, fixtures, gauges, press tools, sub-assemblies, injection moulds, hot runner injection moulds and precision components machining); CNC machined components; pressure diecast components; and mould bases. They have the full offering for casting manufacturing, from 3D modelling to mould design and fabrication, while they also offer the option to produce castings and perform machining in-house for their customers. 

“We’re very proud to be able to say that our almost 1000 highly qualified, cross-functional professional employees are dedicated to ensuring excellence in all our processes and always meeting our customers’ needs,” says Mr Rajendra Prasad, Divisional Director at EQIC Dies & Moulds Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Since the beginning, EQIC has prioritised ongoing investment in infrastructure that supports smart working, resulting in total customer satisfaction at their six sites around Hyderabad. The company is constantly striving to develop innovative techniques and apply new technologies to assure their status as a trendsetter and market leader, and their manufacturing and assembly processes rigorously follow well-known international standards. 

200x400_EQIC Case study_web“In our process, whichever part EQIC is producing, we inspect them to ensure our best quality standard. We acquired very early on a TESA MICRO-HITE 3D machine from one of our suppliers who was also the TESA local distributor. In order to increase accuracy and speed when the business developed, we diversified quickly with a GLOBAL Status and later a GLOBAL Classic machine upgraded with scanning functionality” remembers Mr Prasad. “Upgrading with a scanning probe was a great option that opened new applications. Evolution of the machine with the needs of the market and the company is a great concept and service offered by Hexagon”.

The services Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence India offers are indeed five-star. “Understanding the needs of our customers is crucial and providing an answer just as critical to staying number one in the Indian market,” explains C.S. Srivatsa, Hexagon Regional Manager. “Our customers need quick and immediate reports. Having various technologies allows us to be faster and measure as many features as possible”.
Hexagon’s after-market offering is just as valuable as the large pallet of products the business offers. “The service from Hexagon is the best asset provided,” says Mr Prasad. “Their local presence allows quick delivery of spare parts or answers to technical questions.”

“A large part of our confidence in Hexagon relies on our contact person,” confirms EQIC Dies & Moulds Engineers Pvt. Ltd General Manager - Aerospace Mr Srinivasan Narayanan. “His presence, technical competence and friendliness is unique and extremely appreciated by the whole team”.

The increased need for quality reports brings new challenges but also new opportunities to evaluate and invest in new measurement technologies. EQIC soon wants to invest in a tracker to measure aerospace jigs in the tooling inspection department as well as in more CMMs for mould and die applications to replace the old TESA MICRO-HITE. 

“With the fact that Hexagon offers the full range of solutions, and thanks to the high competence of our contact person, we will be happy to develop together our quality equipment in the future,” concludes Mr Prasad. “We feel safe with Hexagon – this is a very good feeling. We will be happy to visit HxGN LOCAL events in Hyderabad where we will be able to see the latest innovations, meet the experts and evaluate further investments."

"We are happy to have a strong and reliable partner like Hexagon to deliver to us the best solutions today and for the years to come”.