Efficient cultivation


16 July 2019

As the saying goes, we reap what we sow. Excellence in cultivation is an incessant search in agriculture, after all, productivity and profitability in the field begins with good planting practices. Technology is the greatest ally for efficiency in cultivation processes. Hexagon's Agriculture division, a global reference in technological solutions, has developed a specific portfolio of solutions and products for planting: AgrOn Cultivation, widely used by companies in the sugar-energy sector.

"With modular products, AgrOn Cultivation was created specifically for producers to have a detailed and accurate view of each stage of the crop. The result is the maximisation of operational control and, consequently, savings and cost reduction in the preparation and planting operations”, explains Bernardo de Castro, president of Hexagon’s Agriculture division. The portfolio includes Planning & Optimisation, Monitoring & Operations Management and Machine Automation solutions.

One of the products that stands out is SWS. The software manages precision farming activities and the information obtained from the displays installed in the machines and implements. The presentation of the data is available in the form of reports with thematic maps, graphs and exportable tables available online. From the SWS it is possible, for example, to analyse the variation of the dosage and compare it with the one recommended in the application of limestone, using a fixed/variable rate, or to know if the subsoiling operation kept the correct measure. "Agronomically, these are very important points for the next cycles of the raw material", explains Bernardo.

With more than 25 thousand equipment in operation in 35 countries, Hexagon's Agriculture division is currently involved on the planning processes of 46% of the sugar cane global production. The company develops technologies that convert data into information that enables efficient planning and execution, precise machine controls and workflows that optimise agricultural operations. In addition to easy installation, its equipment is intuitive and robust.