Composite virtual testing in aerospace with Digimat-VA

This webinar will focus on virtual testing for the qualification and certification of composite materials and components in aerospace. 

Discover how Digimat-VA streamlines virtual testing campaigns, automating the study of a variety of materials and layups configurations with finite element models based on industry and ASTM standards. 

We will explore a range of tests, from compression after impact to bearing-by-pass and double cantilever beam tests among others, and present different workflows to address the effect of the variability of the material’s constituents on mechanical properties.

The session targets engineers, researchers or anyone involved in the aerospace industry, from novices to experts, looking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in virtual testing. Join us for an insightful dive into the world of composite materials! 


Ilias Zacharakis, Application Engineer
Ilias holds a master's and PhD in mechanical engineering while in parallel he participated in research programs involving composite materials. After his studies, he worked as a consultant in the aerospace industry and since 2022 he is working as an Application Engineer in the Digimat team. 

Michela Giuliano Auricchio, Business Enablement Manager
Michela holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and has worked for Hexagon since May 2015. She started as an Application and Project Engineer specializing in material engineering and testing of advanced composite material systems. In January 2020, she moved to the Business Development Team where she was responsible for the EMEA territory. Now, she is now in charge of the Business Enablement team at global scale.