Carbono Racing – accelerating CAD/CAM processes, thanks to WORKNC software

CARBONO RACING is a Spanish company founded in 1992 near Barcelona and is at the forefront of manufacturing carbon fibre reed valves. Thanks to their reed valves, the very best drivers and teams in enduro, motocross, trial and speed racing have taken top spots at world championships. This has been the best possible test run. Given the recognition from top-level competitions and coverage by specialised press, the company began to sell the reed valves and business consolidated rapidly. These days, CARBONO RACING is highly industrialised, and is equipped with an autoclave, a 6-axis robot for series production and a 5-axis numerical control machine that can process any shape, thanks to WORKNC software by Hexagon.
Carbono Racing

CARBONO RACING is a Catalan company with more than three decades of experience in the machining sector; it has been evolving and adapting its facilities to new carbon fibre technologies. Currently its equipment includes an autoclave (4 m x 2.20 m), a 6-axis robot, a 5-axis numerical control machine, and, now, acquired just a few months ago, the CAD/CAM solution from Hexagon with WORKNC software.

Carbono Racing

CARBONO RACING is extremely focused on the motorcycle sector and competition in the disciplines of enduro and trial. Its customers include direct customers from factories, distributors and leading brands. "We also work for the nautical and automotive sectors,” says the owner of CARBONO RACING, Ángel Bayarri, who has been collaborating on various projects with WORKNC over the last 6 months.

Carbono Racing

CARBONO RACING uses WORKNC software in a 5-axis CNC machine for contouring parts as well as manufacturing models, supports, and moulds. “We use it for all the 3D designs and to do the scans – since sometimes we scan the part right here or the customer sends us the 3D design they want. We prepare and program everything in CAM language, so we’re able to make the prototype, right through from the initial design to the final part," explains Bayarri, who also highlights that he uses the software daily, since all projects go through the WORKNC program.

CARBONO RACING currently has nine employees in its team but Bayarri was the lucky one trained to use WORKNC software. "I found the training to be a highly positive experience. They spent many hours assisting us, the telephone support is quick and they helped me a lot."

“The parts themselves are highly complex; they have very elaborate curves and this meant we needed a program that was powerful and easy to use, as well as one that offered technical support. WORKNC ticked all the boxes.”
Ángel Bayarri
Owner of Carbono Racing
Carbono Racing

CARBONO RACING chose WORKNC software based on the advice of an industry professional who suggested it. "It was an area we weren’t familiar with at all, so we asked for their thoughts and liked the idea they put forward.” Before acquiring WORKNC software, the company only had a two-dimensional plotter and outsourced everything. 

Carbono Racing

DeBellis notes that any boost in sheet utilization can quickly add up to considerable savings due to high sheet costs. “If we can save 10 percent, that is a huge advantage for us, but it can often save us even more than that. Our new projected savings is 10 to 20 percent in our sheet purchasing.”

Carbono Racing

 “The parts themselves are highly complex; they have very elaborate curves and this meant we needed a program that was powerful and easy to use, as well as one that offered technical support. And WORKNC had it all,” explains the owner of CARBONO RACING.

Carbono Racing

To undertake some projects, such as the carbon fibre protector for the exhaust manifolds made for the KTM dealer, Máquina-Motor, Hexagon's Absolute Arm have been used for measuring. 

Carbono Racing

This completes the previous digitisation of the manifold and the subsequent realisation of the entire reverse engineering task, using to Hexagon's REcreate software.

About the company

Name: Carbono Racing
Business area:  Production of carbon fibre reed valves     

Key benefits achieved

  • Internalisation of production processes.
  • Complete control of the machine during complex machining processes.
  • Significant reduction in production times.