Auto Steering ensures more operational efficiency and greater agricultural productivity

By Adriano Naspolini, CTO of Hexagon's Agriculture division

Auto Steering ensures more operational efficiency and greater agricultural productivity


16 November 2020

In the field, auto steering is already part of the routine of virtually all large and medium-sized agricultural companies. They drive machines and implements with precision that a human driver is incapable of, helping to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness in the international market. The product is used from end to end in agricultural processes, but it is in planting that auto steering has its most noble function, ensuring maximum efficiency in all operations.

Oriented by satellite through an antenna installed on the tractor, HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering supports the navigation of tractors, machines and agricultural and forest implements; and ensures alignment of routes with an accuracy of up to 2 centimetres. The brand is a global reference in sensors, software and autonomous solutions. The route can be planned directly from the office. This makes it possible to maximise field resources, significantly decrease soil compaction and increase production times.

The auto steering used in Brazilian agriculture are no different from the technology applied in other countries. The level of innovation is the same. Hexagon's agriculture division, which has its headquarters and factory in Florianópolis (SC), is one of the few that produces the solution entirely in Brazil, exporting to 38 countries. AgrOn Auto Steering, like all the solutions we sell in the Brazilian market, is the same product we sell abroad.

AgrOn Auto Steering consists of a display (Ti5 or Ti7) compatible with different brands, an actuator, a drive and an antenna. The product has three drive models: electric, hydraulic and predisposed. In the electric model, it is possible to change out the steering wheel of the tractor for another one that directs the machine. In this case, it is possible to change equipment between machines and tractors. The hydraulic model that works with the Ti7 display allows all of Hexagon´s precision farming products to be included in a single device. The predisposed one, which is also hydraulic, is unique to Hexagon, made to order for machines that leave the factory ready for auto steering to be installed.

Another great advantage of AgrOn Auto Steering is the possibility of having an additional Remote Access add-on module. Through it, the technical team is able to view the display screen remotely and solve problems in real-time, all it takes is an internet connection. With remote maintenance, it is possible to reduce machine downtime, maintaining the pace of processes, in addition to saving money on sending technicians to the site.

In a nutshell, the product optimises the planted area by ensuring smaller spacing between the lines; considerably reduces the loss of plants caused by irregular passage of the tractor; and makes better use of the inputs used, from applying seeds and inputs to the fuel consumption of the machines. The return is everything that the producer seeks for their business: better performance and greater productivity and profitability.