Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division's Velocity magazine

The journal of assured autonomy and positioning Velocity magazine brings technology platforms from Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division alive with application and solutions-focused content to the worldwide community of GNSS design engineers and system integrators.

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Velocity magazine has been published yearly since 2013, exploring the innovation of our customers.

Velocity Magazine 2022

Velocity 2022: Driving Safer Autonomy

Velocity Magazine 2021

Velocity 2021: The Race to Safe Autonomy

Velocity Magazine 2020

Velocity 2020: Groundbreaking

Velocity Magazine 2019

Velocity 2019: A New Space Age

Velocity Magazine 2018

Velocity 2018: New Horizons for Innovations

Velocity Magazine 2017

Velocity 2017: Tracking America’s Cup

Velocity Magazine 2016

Velocity 2016: Annual Journal of GNSS Technology Solutions and Innovation

Velocity Magazine 2015

Velocity 2015: Our Autonomous World

Velocity Magazine 2014

Velocity 2014: Storm Chaser

Velocity Magazine 2013

Velocity 2013: A GNSS Future Revealed