WORKNC Full License

Including every robust feature offered by WORKNC, the full license is the most powerful programming tool in the WORKNC arsenal. Offering flexibility, automation, and highly specialised functionality, this license includes all of the capabilities offered within the full 3X license, with the addition of 3+2 machining capabilities.

WORKNC Full License hero marquee

Maximise your machining strategies

Our 3+2 toolpath incorporates 3-axis programs and additional axes created by locking a cutting tool into a tilted position.

Product capabilities

Features at a glance:

  • Ability to use all of the features of WORKNC 3X License
  • Ability to create multiple machine context
  • 3+2 machining
  • 3D stock model.


WORKNC 2D License feature chart: Milling


WORKNC comparison chart: Milling 2.5 Axis


WORKNC comparison chart: Roughing


WORKNC comparison chart: Milling 3X Finishing