WORKNC Auto5 Module

WORKNC Auto 5 is a truly unique and revolutionary innovation in the field of 5-axis machining. Users can now automatically generate 5-axis toolpaths based on existing 3-axis toolpaths while taking into account the specific kinematics of the 5-axis milling centre selected.

WORKNC Auto5 Module hero marquee

Automatic 5 axis

The WORKNC Auto5 Module allows you to convert 3 axis to 5 axis tool paths automatically.

Product capabilities

Features at a glance:

  • Efficient toolpath generation
  • Auto 5: Automatic conversion of 3-axis toolpaths to 5-axis
  • Complete simulation
  • Specialised strategies for individual applications, such as trimming, pocketing, blade and tube machining, impellers and laser cutting.


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