WORKNC 3X License_Basic

High-end CAM without the high-end price tag, the WORKNC 3X License delivers all of the accurate and reliable WORKNC functionality you need, from roughing to finishing.

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Automate your milling and drilling

WORKNC 3X License is the perfect CAM solution for your less complex parts.

Product capabilities

Features at a glance:

  • Easy-to-use interface with a short learning curve
  • Fast calculations
  • Automatic milling routines
  • Efficient CAM programming
  • Tool holder collision checking for secure use of short tools
  • All the features of the WORKNC 2D License.

With collision-checking functions designed for short tools, WORKNC helps to protect your machine-tool investments while you produce quality parts in less time than ever before.


WORKNC 2D License feature chart: Milling


WORKNC comparison chart: Milling 2.5 Axis


WORKNC comparison chart: Roughing