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Verisurf Software, Inc., is a measurement solutions company committed to delivering powerful, easy-to-learn metrology software. Verisurf supports all 3D measurement workflows, including alignments, inspection, tool building, assembly, scanning, analysis, reporting, automation, and reverse engineering. Verisurf’s robust foundation supports all CAD file types and interoperability with all contact and non-contact measurement devices.
  • Features & benefits

    Verisurf Metrology Enterprise Suite

    • CAD platform with intelligent Model-Based Definition and intuitive user experience
    • MEASURE all object types via probing or high-density scanning
    • BUILD tooling, jig, fixtures, and assemblies with real-time deviation display
    • ANALYSIS of all data types and advanced alignment fitting
    • REVERSE engineering from features, clouds, and meshes into a surface or solid model
    • AUTOMATE inspection planning and measurement sequences for process control
      • Support for all CAD types and measurement device
      • Built-in thermal expansion compensation
      • Traceable measurement results
      • Easy alignment routines
      • Inspect using drawings or CAD
      • Real-time graphical display of tolerance conditions
      • Intelligent application of datum reference frames and GD&T requirements
      • Interactive inspection planning for process automation
      • Flexible report customization
      • High-density scanning
      • Advanced alignment fitting strategies
      • Cloud to mesh support
      • Mesh utilities
      • Polygonal modeling
      • Class A surface modeling
      • Direct solid modeling
      • SDK for advanced automation and integration
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