m&h RWP20.50-TP Temperature probe

Fast and reliable on-machine measurement of workpiece temperature


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Enabling greater control of production processes, the m&h RWP20.50-TP temperature probe measures part temperature in seconds, both before and during machining.

The m&h RWP20.50 drives high production quality by ensuring that workpieces are only machined when within the defined temperature parameters. Detecting longer wave lengths than infrared, the radio wave probe is ideal for use on large machining centres and 5-axis machines. 

m&h RWP20.50 probes are characterised by high measurement reliability, using the SCS (Self-Channel-Select) technology of the microprocessor-controlled receiver to continuously check surroundings and block any interfering signals from other radio wave sources. MDR (Multi Data Rate) technology in the 2.4 GHz range offers fast transmission of high data rates and large data sets.  

Offering high flexibility, the bidirectional m&h RWP20.50 is adaptable to changing application requirements; as a modular system, various measuring units, extension and cross-probes can be used.
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  • Features & benefits
    • Patented technology delivers fast measurement of part temperature for precise production results
    • Reliable determination of temperature-dependent parameters enables greater control of production processes, reducing defects and rework times
    • AFS (Automatic Frequency Select) technology ensure fast and reliable transmission by scanning frequency ranges of the radio band and automatically selecting frequencies free from interfering signals 
    • Compact radio wave receivers can be easily mounted in the machine room, with measurement and temperature data transmitted using high-penetration transmitting frequencies (433 MHz or 2.4 GHz)
  • Related information

    Radio wave receivers
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence radio wave receivers ensure interference-free processing of measurement and temperature data. Sealed to IP68 standard, these receivers reliably communicate with radio wave probes and tool setters in the harshest environments.

    m&h RWR95.40 radio wave receiver

    • Communicates with radio wave touch probes in the 433 MHz range
    • Flexible antenna swivels through 355° for easy adaptation to machine conditions
    • 64 radio channels in protected frequency range, proven worldwide
    • Direct connection to machine control without requirement for additional electronic module

    m&h RWR95.50 radio wave receiver

    • Communicates with radio wave touch probes in the 2.4 GHz range
    • Compact and easily mountable in the machine room
    • Spread spectrum transmission and multiple transfer of records deliver fast measurement process and transmission reliability
  • Technical data
     Temperature accuracy when using the calibration table of the temperature sensor    

    Analogue / digital:   ±0.1° C 
    Analogue / analogue:  ±0.1° C

     Recommended probing feed rate  500 mm/min
     Sensing directions  -Z
     Maximum stylus overtravel  -6.9 mm
     Trigger force   13 N
     Power supply  1 x 9 V battery block, 6LR61

    Lithium: 1 200 mAh, Alkaline: 550 mAh 

     Weight without shank  Approx. 920 g
     Temperature range  Storage: 5 - 70 °C,

    Operation: 10 - 50 °C

     Material  Stainless Steel, POM
     Transmission frequency  2400-2483.5 MHz (2.4 GHz) 
     Protection  IP68: EN 60529
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