Off-road Autonomy

We’re looking to solve the questions “Where am I?” and “What is around me?” to enable autonomy. Leveraging our expertise in GNSS positioning technology and sensor algorithms we are pioneering end-to-end assured autonomy and positioning solutions that accelerate off-road autonomy.

Farming implement in a field

Advancement of robotics and autonomy

Explore our current offerings or partner with our custom development team to advance your autonomy and robotics from concept to production.

  • GNSS for autonomy

    High-precision GNSS solutions from the pioneer and leader in reliable and available positioning technology.

  • Perception for autonomy

    Reliable sensors, perception systems and software solutions, as well as custom development options to help you scale your autonomy platforms.

  • Development kits for autonomy

    The PwrPak7 enclosures house Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver boards, internal storage and INS options.