Unmatched expertise

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is a leading provider of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that offer outstanding precision, reliability and versatility.

Bridge CMM - Unmatched expertise


Our story stretches back over 200 years and incorporates some of the biggest names in measurement and industrial metrology. We’ve been at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing industry, offering custom-fit solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Hexagon's products empower businesses in every industry to improve product quality and streamline manufacturing processes. We apply our metrology, data analytics, and automation expertise to help manufacturers make informed decisions to drive productivity and sustainable growth.

Heritage of innovation

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has a storied history in the manufacturing industry, dating back to the 1800s. 

Since the very beginning, we’ve been fiercely committed to innovation. We have thousands of active patents and a track record of developing groundbreaking technologies that have transformed the industry. We continue to push back the boundaries of what is possible in metrology, offering cutting-edge solutions that are unrivalled in accuracy, efficiency and ease of use.

Everything you need

We pride ourselves on being able to offer complete integrated solutions for our customers' metrology needs. We own all the technologies and components used in our products, from frames and sensors to software and accessories. This means we can provide unified solutions tailored to your requirements without needing to reach for third-party components or software.

Serving you worldwide

Hexagon’s worldwide presence, with sales, service, and support teams located in key regions around the globe, means you can count on us for anything you need, wherever you are. We manufacture our CMMs in Asia, Europe and North America, ensuring we can meet the needs of our customers in every corner of the world.

With Hexagon, you get the best of both worlds: a global network of support and local manufacturing expertise that delivers high-quality products and services every time.

Fully compliant and certified products

Our products comply with current ISO standards, ensuring you have the best possible quality control and traceability in your manufacturing process. We know the importance of these standards, and we're committed to providing products that meet or exceed them.

Solutions for any measurement application

We understand that every customer has unique metrology needs. That's why we offer adaptable solutions that perfectly fit any specific application. Whether you need a small shop-floor CMM for at-line measurements or a large, high-precision machine for inspecting complex components, we have the expertise, systems and components to meet every need. Our team of experts will work with you to configure a solution that delivers accurate, reliable results you can trust.

Powerful metrology software 

We are the largest software developer in the metrology industry, with an extensive range of customisable software packages that deliver intelligent data acquisition, analysis and evaluation, and powerful data management and reporting.

From PC-DMIS and QUINDOS for planning and executing measurement routines on our CMMs, to simulation and analysis software and statistical reporting tools, Hexagon’s in-house software solutions help you reach your productivity goals.

Empowering makers throughout the product lifecycle

Hexagon’s smart manufacturing portfolio supports your work across entire product and production lifecycles. 

Bringing together the physical and digital worlds through hardware and software unlocks potential and solves problems before they occur. We help you create better products in new innovative ways, get things right the first time, and scale production sustainably.
Beyond CMMs, we offer a comprehensive range of hardware and software, including machine tool measurement solutions, design and simulation software, portable measurement devices like laser tracker systems and measuring arms, and CAD/CAM solutions.

Preparing an autonomous, cloud-based future

Hexagon’s smart solutions enable impactful digital transformation to take your metrology to the next level.

We are committed to helping our customers realise the benefits of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Our CMMs can be integrated into smart factories, and our latest models can be remotely managed and monitored using our cloud-based platform, Nexus.

With Nexus, you can access your machine’s data and performance metrics in real-time to identify and address issues quickly and effectively to improve your quality control processes and boost productivity.

Greener metrology

Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do. Our solutions help you produce less waste by making parts right the first time, with the best possible quality.

And our CMMs are designed to be energy efficient without compromising accuracy or performance. The energy consumption of a CMM is driven mainly by the supply of compressed air needed for a smooth run of the axis driving system. To help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, air and energy-saving features are standard in our GLOBAL and PMM-C series of CMMs.