In WORKPLAN 2022.1, the database is updated to MySQL 8.0 to make it faster and more secure.

Other new enhancements within WORKPLAN 2022.1 include:
  • Improved synchronisation with RADAN

    WORKPLAN plays an important role in Hexagon’s end-to-end solution for sheet metal fabrication. After a first level of integration as a part of this end-to-end solution, the synchronisation between Radquote, WORKPLAN and RADAN CAM is further improved, with more precise details to allow users to optimise processes and follow-ups.

    All the information collected during the quote and order processing can be recorded, tracked and communicated for each production phase (for example, the paint to be used, the cutting strategy, the type of heat treatment or analysis of whether the drawing received is ready for production).

    Improved synchronization with RADAN
  • Improvements in the Activity Basket module

    The dedicated Activity Basket module developed for MES activities in WORKPLAN is further improved with the capacity to play and pause activity progress in real time and to be more compliant with real-time production.

    A visual indicator is provided on screen to easily show what activity is in progress and what activity is stopped.

    The Activity Basket has interesting functions that can be used for different industry applications such as heat treatment, painting or for all operations where multiple parts are regrouped in one single operation.


    Improvements in Activity Basket
  • Improvements in the MES Touch Screen module

    It is now possible to automatically print forms directly from the MES Touch Screen module of WORKPLAN when the operator terminates a specific operation, and it can control the same if all of its predecessors are finished.

    The management of quantities of the parts produced during production is also optimised, with a check for consistency with previous tasks.


    MES Touch Screen
  • Connection with TEVA 3D Viewer within CABINET VISION

    Connection with TEVA 3D Viewer gives users the possibility to illustrate and communicate with customers directly on the project plans from the quotation stage until the production phase.

    This connection is included in the CABINET VISION interface.


    TEVA-3D Viewer within CABINET-VISION