CABINET VISION release notes

CABINET VISION 2023 - What's new

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In addition to general performance enhancements, the latest release focuses on streamlining many common tasks and implementing new time saving features, making it even easier for customers to create truly custom products. Added to the new features and enhancements is a visual refresh, making the 2023 release the most modern version of CABINET VISION to date.

All new Welcome Screen  

Users will notice time saving features immediately when presented with the revamped Welcome Screen, which now offers shortcut links to recently accessed jobs and folders. With direct access to the last 50 jobs, job locations, built in search functionality, and right click options for managing jobs, the Welcome Screen becomes a productivity tool to dive right into creating products.

CABINET VISION 2023 release notes image welcome screen
  • New and improved handling of Sub-Assemblies
    Version 2023 gives customers the ability to take full advantage of Sub-Assemblies within their jobs. Placing Sub-Assemblies is now easier and smarter than ever  - simply select the opening in the Section Editor and drag and drop into position. The Sub-Assembly will automatically conform to the opening size, with no need for manual calculations. Editing Sub-Assemblies is easier as well, with quick access from the ribbon bar. Not only does this give you Section Editor access but Ortho and Part Level access for the selected Sub-Assembly.
    CABINET VISION 2023 release notes image sub assembly
  • Live Object Tree now accessible right from the sidebar 
    Customers who are taking advantage of CABINET VISION’s powerful Object Intelligence capabilities will see huge time savings with Version 2023. Rather than a static window, the Object Tree is now live and integrated into the sidebar for ultimate usability. Users can now receive immediate visual validation for which object is selected, and real time results when object intelligence is added or modified.
    CABINET VISION 2023 release notes object tree
  • Extend the power of Connections with UCS’s
    With the addition of Connections, users gained the ability to gain more control of defining joinery machining. Version 2023 adds the ability to define Connections via a User Created Standard (UCS), providing nearly limitless flexibility when utilising this functionality.
  • Uninstall packages with ease
    Some users may need the ability to uninstall a Set Up package for a variety of reasons. Version 2023 saves loads of time by making this process as easy as one click.
    CABINET VISION 2023 release notes image 4
  • Other new features and enhancements
    CABINET VISION 2023 release notes hero image person working at a laptop

    Version 2023 adds a wide range of additional new features and enhancements that customers can take advantage of, including:

    •    The ability to define sink skirt grain direction
    •    Expanded Face Frame Top placement
    •    The ability to define countertop joints in CV:Core and CV:Design
    •    The addition of QR Barcodes in xLabel application
    •    Square off nests are now always available
    •    The ability to set work depth minimum for tools

    Learn more about how CABINET VISION’s new features and flexible, customised, and cost-effective licensing can help your business grow: