Probe Changer Racks

Automatic exchange of probes and probe modules


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Hexagon Metrology probe changer racks perform fast and repeatable exchanges of probes, extensions and probe modules on coordinate measuring machine (CMM) probe heads or HP-TM touch-trigger probes.

HR-R Automatic Probe Changer Rack
Automatic tool changer that uses Hexagon Metrology's unique TKJ connector to exchange probes and extensions to and from the HH-A-T series of probe heads. The probe exchange is performed quickly and accurately with no need for requalification between exchanges. The HR-R is modular and can be easily customised to suit any application.

HR-P Module Changer Rack
Passive probe module changer; modules are exchanged by the CMM under the control of the measuring software. The HR-P rack is also designed to store probe modules safely and securely, providing them with protection from airborne contamination. The rack is available with 2, 4 or 6 ports and in two different heights (90mm and 150mm). There is also an optional module that can be combined with the HR-R tool changer to enable the changing of modules without the need for an extra changing rack on the system.

HR-ACW-AC Automatic Changer Rack The HR-ACW-AC Automatic Changer Rack in combination with the HH-ACW-43MW allows the automatic repeatable change of all adapters and extensions during execution of the measuring program. The modular concept of the changing station allows the configuration of a variable number of stations.
  • Features & Benefits
    Fully-automatic probe and probe module exchange
    The probes and probe modules can be exchanged quickly and accurately under the control of the measuring software and without the need for any requalification.

    Different technology within the same program
    No matter how challenging your application may be – simply change in the probe or probe module you need to achieve the highest quality.

    Available with various probe heads and probe modules
    The probe changer racks can work together with a wide range of Hexagon Metrology TKJ probe heads or the HP-TM touch trigger probe.
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    Buy CMM accessories online

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Buy CMM accessories online

Identify your spare parts with confidence and benefit from fast UPS delivery.