PC-DMIS 2019 R2

Measure more efficiently with the latest version of PC-DMIS.

PC DMIS 2019 R2

The latest version of PC-DMIS continues to lead the way in revolutionising measurement. In this latest release, we have focused on delivering a greater all-round user experience and providing tools that make programming and using PC-DMIS, simpler, faster, more capable and more intuitive.

PC-DMIS 2019 R2 has over 30 new features and improvements, including:

  • Home page – start measuring faster and access programs more easily when you start PC-DMIS. The newly-designed interface provides streamlined access to recent routines, favourites and links to other, useful content directly from the new start screen.
  • Thickness colormap – measure and visualise component thickness with clear graphics, and display deviations with CAD model comparison.
  • Ring light migration – save time when transferring routines to different machines with simplified migration of ring light settings.
  • Measurement strategy widget – change common measurement parameters easily without using full feature dialogs.

PC-DMIS is a highly flexible and widely-adopted metrology software. It comes as standard on all Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence measurement devices. It is also available as a retrofit package for most other measurement equipment manufacturers’ machines, allowing users of non-Hexagon equipment to take advantage of PC-DMIS technology.

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PC-DMIS 2019 R2
  • Features & benefits

    NEW: Home Page – Use PC-DMIS With Ease
    Home Page is a completely new experience within PC-DMIS. We have taken all the important and most frequently used tasks needed when a user opens PC-DMIS and put them directly on the home screen. From this newly-designed intuitive screen, the user can immediately access the PC-DMIS content and capabilities most important to them with the newly-designed home screen.

    Start measuring sooner by launching recently used and favourited files directly from the home screen. Find required routines easily with simplified folder organisation and intuitive, editable thumbnails.

    In one click, get the latest product news, tips and information on updates and new features. You can also access PC-DMIS support, forums, the Idea Center and – if you a have a Software Maintenance Agreement with us – the regular PC-DMIS Newsletter.

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    NEW: Thickness Colormap – Visualise Component Thickness Clearly
    This new feature offers intuitive graphics to display the measured thickness of components in a graded colour scale, using mesh or point cloud. It can also show deviations from the CAD model, enabling you to identify where immediate attention is required. Additionally, you can enhance your reports by including an image of the colormap.

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    NEW: Ring Light Migration – Make the Transferal of Measurement Routines Pain-Free
    Operators who regularly transfer routines from one CMM to another know it’s time-consuming to edit routines for new ring light configurations. Whether working online or offline, this new capability can intelligently recognise differences in ring light settings and match values with the new ring light. This saves time and reduces mistakes in migration.

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    IMPROVED: Measurement Strategy Widget – Streamline Measurement Parameter Adjustment
    Quickly and easily change common measurement parameters when using QuickFeature. Whether working with a single feature or a pattern of features, the Measurement Strategy Widget enables fast adjustments without the need to use full feature dialogs.

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    And Over 30 Additional New Features and Improvements, Including:

    • GD&T selection from Capture V2
    • Summary mode refresh
    • Q-DAS chart from Q-QIS
    • EDGECAM file import
    • Collision protection from AutoCalibrate Command
    • Inspect pallet

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  • Technical data

    Operating System

    PC-DMIS 2019 R2 operates under 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. No other operating systems are supported.

    • When you use third-party drivers, you should contact your local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence representative to ensure operating system compatibility.
    • Running PC-DMIS inside a Virtual Machine (VM) is supported only if the VM supports OpenGL 3 or higher.
    • PC-DMIS Vision machines do not support 64-bit Windows 8. The Matrox Framegrabber PC-DMIS Vision hardware component does not support a 64-bit operating system.

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 for Windows, the PC-DMIS installer will install it for you.


    4 GB of RAM or higher

    • The size of the CAD data file and the tessellation multiplier value used affect the amount of memory needed. These both affect the number of tessellated facets needed to display the model. The smaller the tessellation multiplier value used, the more memory needed for the facets. For large CAD models, this could cause an "Out of Memory" error. If this occurs, the current PC-DMIS session will be left in an unstable state and should be terminated.
    • The default tessellation multiplier value is 1.0. Setting a tessellation multiplier of 0.1 will result in a 10 to 20 percent increase in the memory required over the default value of 1.0. Decreasing the tessellation multiplier further to 0.01 will result in an additional 50 to 65 percent increase of memory required.

    1 GB of video RAM


    2 GHz or higher quad core processor


    Any popular graphics card that meets or exceeds the following suggested minimums:

    • GPU Memory 2 GB DDR3*
    • Memory Bandwidth 29.0 GB/s
    • CUDA Cores 384
    • Open GL 3.0

    *For an RS4 laser sensor, you need to have a GPU with at least 4 GB DDR3.

    The graphics driver must support OpenGL 3.0 or higher. A warning message appears on PC-DMIS startup if the driver does not support OpenGL 3.0 or if your graphics driver is more than three years old.

    Hard Drive

    2 GB of free hard drive space plus allocated virtual memory of eight times the largest CAD file used

    SSD drive, HDD 10K, or two disks in RAID 0 mode (high-performance hard disk drive)


    Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher


    • Two Ethernet ports. This may be required for specific installations in consideration of local needs, including but not limited to CMM systems where one port is required for controller communications and another for intranet/internet communications.
    • Two USB ports
    • DVD drive
    • HASP key (a physical USB portlock) or a software licence

    Note: A HASP key does not act as general-purpose data storage; therefore, you cannot use a HASP key to store (download) arbitrary data from a computer. Similarly, you cannot use a HASP key to put (upload) arbitrary data on a computer. Also, only Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence applications can read or write to a HASP key; other applications do not have this capability. As a result, you cannot use a HASP key to load and unload data to and from a computer.


    Internet Explorer 10 or later

    Anti-Virus Software

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence used the Sophos anti-virus tool to test PC-DMIS 2019 R2. The user will need to confirm the performance of any other anti-virus tool. 

    Solutions for CMMs Using RS-232 Communications

    If you are installing PC-DMIS 2019 R2 on a new or existing computer, but you have an older CMM model that uses RS-232 communications, then you will need to install one of these solutions on your computer:

    • An external RS-232 serial-to-USB adapter cable plus the serial-to-USB adapter cable driver
    • An internal serial adapter card with serial ports
  • Downloads

    Download the latest version of PC-DMIS