PAS Cyber Integrity

PAS Cyber Integrity®

Protect Industrial Control Systems with comprehensive inventory, vulnerability, configuration, compliance, backup/recovery and risk management across OT endpoints.

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Securing Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) in critical infrastructure has never been more important. The reality is traditional IT endpoint cybersecurity tools only address a fraction of OT/ICS-centric cyber assets, leaving proprietary, heterogeneous industrial control systems hidden and vulnerable to threats. Unlike IT-centric tools, PAS Cyber Integrity helps you see and protect industrial endpoints from Level 0 to Level 3.5 of the Purdue Model against cyber threats. With digitalization, the threat landscape continues to expand and Cyber Integrity arms you with deep insight needed to secure your complex, multi-vendor OT/ICS environments. With Cyber Integrity you can reduce your attack surface, remediate vulnerabilities, strengthen your cyber resiliency and ultimately lower enterprise risk.


  • Discovers and automatically maintains a complete inventory of OT assets (L3.5-L0)

  • Provides continuous vulnerability management with patch level assessments

  • Identifies critical endpoint vulnerabilities and risks

  • Ensure business continuity by having a complete backup and restore point

  • Supports 130+ industrial automation systems

PAS Cyber Integrity


PAS Cyber Integrity
  • Gain a complete OT/ICS asset inventory

  • Reduce your attack surface

  • Increase operational resiliency

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