What’s new in Metrology Reporting?

New product features and enhancements are in Metrology Reporting 2024.1

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Base Functionality Changes 

Data Access Duration

The Base tier of Metrology Reporting only provides access to data from the last 7 days down from 30 days.


New Base Functionality

Improved QUINDOS Support

Integration between QUINDOS and Metrology Reporting is improved so users can now login to Nexus directly from within QUINDOS using the Nexus Integrated Uploader. This method of upload brings various benefits including:

  • Controlling what types of data are uploaded to Metrology Reporting
  • Login/Logout of Nexus organisations
  • Caching so data is automatically uploaded if there is a disconnect during transfer 


New Advanced Functionality

3rd Party Import (DFQ)

Metrology Reporting Advanced users can now import 3rd Party data in the DFQ format. Users can import by either clicking the Import button inside the samples pane or by dragging a DFQ file directly into the Sample List, Part Details or the Parts Dashboard.


Desktop Notifications

Advanced users can now benefit from Windows Desktop Notifications. If toggled on, users will see desktop notifications appear when specific events have happened depending on their preferences.

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