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Advanced Tier

Welcome to the next level of functionality of Metrology Reporting. The Advanced tier enables access to functionality that will accelerate your workflows. When the Advanced tier launches it will provide:

  • Report Customisation
  • Statistics Report
  • Visualization of mesh data for Inspire & Volume Graphics
  • Porosity data visualisation for Volume Graphics
  • Manual Dimension Entry

The Advanced tier also lifts the limits imposed on the Base tier of Metrology Reporting, including, but not limited to:

  • How long data is stored for
  • Access to the Basic Statistics Report
  • Manual dimension input

New Advanced Functionality

Manual Dimension Entry

  • For customers who want to add additional dimensional data manually (e.g. from a hand tool), Metrology Reporting now supports entering dimensions manually. Users can define the nominal value, upper and lower limits, give the dimension an ID, as well as define the units for the dimension.
  • The manually entered dimensions will then show up within the appropriate report. Filtering and searching can be applied for these dimensions just like any other.
    Manual Dimension Entry

Report Customization

  • Users can now customise their reports through the Reports Appearance menu - users can select column visibility as well reorder columns by dragging and dropping them.
    Report Customization 

Statistics Report

  • Metrology Reporting now supports the calculation of a part’s capability index (CP/CPK) and Sigma Level. This enables CMM operators and Quality Managers to track their part-specific capability. The Statistics Report will begin showing data after at least 20 samples are gathered.
    Statistics Report 

New Base Functionality

File uploader

  • In September’s release of Metrology Reporting, we will now be using a new method of upload that works directly with classic software. The new method of upload will allow users to directly login to Nexus within the classic software and gives greater control over what types of data are uploaded to Metrology Reporting.
    File uploader 
  • The File Uploader has been implemented in the following software:
    File uploader software 

CAD Report Call Out Mode

Metrology Reporting now offers a new more immersive way to interact with the CAD and dimensional results at the same time. Call Out mode puts the user’s CAD model front and centre, with dimensional results floating within cards around the card. The amount of cards visible can be customised to the user’s liking.
CAD Report Call Out Mode 

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