HxGN SFx Management release 6.4

SFx Asset Management 6.4 is a minor release that contains a few new features and improvements. The updated features are as follows:

Customizable Measurement Units

Now you can personalize the units of measurement across SFx Asset Management, which ensures that you can view the data and various charts in a familiar format without converting the units manually. These measurements include:

  • Temperature: °C and °F
  • Distance: mm and inch
  • Pressure: mbar, bar, psi, and kPa

If not set up, the default units of measurement are applied. See Changing Unit Settings for details.

Extended Subscription Information for GPS Tags

The subscription information of GPS Tags is also added to the Monthly Certification and Subscription Summary email notification. Now you can be informed regularly when the subscription of a GPS Tag expires or will expire in 90 days, and arrange renewal on time.

Additional Improvements

  • Enhancements to Probe Details
    • Optimized the Tip Name to a standard naming: Tip Type #Serial Number to help you recognize the tip type at a glance.
    • Added the Firmware Version to the Probe Details (for Probe AP21 only).
  • Refinements to GPS Information

Refined the interval of the last reported GPS location from 2 hours to 3 hours, and modified the tooltip.

  • Fixed the bug where the Performance metric for an asset is inconsistent with the value for a program that ran on the same asset.