Metrolog X4

The global 3D inspection software is a standard for measuring applications in automotive, aerospace and the general precision industry.

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Metrolog X4 interfaces to the Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers the "Walk-Around" Leica T-Probe and the Leica T-Scan. In addition, more than 50 interfaces for CMMs and PCMMs are available. The graphical visualization provides direct interfaces for virtual any neutral and native CAD format. A powerful feature-based measurement tool, a complete GD&T engine, customizable reporting and a simple and fast programming language, support and simplify your sophisticated assembly and inspection processes. Metrolog X4 is available in 19 languages.

Metrolog X4, developed by Metrologic Group of Europe, the global 3D inspection software is a standard for measuring applications in automotive, aerospace and the general precision industry.
  • Features & Benefits
    Graphics mode
    • High-performance graphics interface, enabling use of large CAD files (several hundreds of MBs) and allows for direct translation of GD&T features
    • Illustration of sections
    • Management of multiple views
    • Color mapping
    • Quality control

    CAD/CAM Systems

    • Direct use of digital models for immediate comparison of measurements in relation to the CAD model
    • Automatic measurement programs available
    • Real Time Inspection

    Feature Based Measurement Concept

    • Any type of prismatic elements can be built, defined and measured in Metrolog XG
    • Certified algorithms
    • Simply extraction from nominal values from CAD models (points, mapping, simulation, sections)
    • Complete technical documentation management (graphical analysis, data management, on-line assistance, etc.)
    • Alignments / Station Management
    • Support of all standard alignment methods
    • Simple Cad alignment based on 6 surface points
    • Combination of multiple sensor by Leica Geosystems bundle algorithm
    • Management of multiple devices in the same files

    Creation of Part Programs

    • Teach mode, manual mode, on- and off-line
    • User-friendly programming
    • Automatic execution of programs
    • Advanced functions (conditional branching during part program, part programming assistance, sub-programs)
    • Translation and support of DMIS format

    Inspection reporting

    • Fully integrated powerful report editor
    • Ready-to-use report templates
    • Customized inspection report
    • Real time reporting
  • Related Information
  • Technical Data
    Hardware required
    The minimum recommended configuration is
    • Core 2 Duo type processor 3 GHz or equivalent
    • 2 GB RAM
    • a video card with 512 MB memory (nVIDIA or ATI type processor).
    • Approximately 600 MB free space on the hard drive is required for installation of Metrolog X4

    Windows compatibility

    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista

    CAD format supported










     Z68-300, June 1989


     V4 and V5 from R14 to R18


     14.1, 15 and 16


     15, 16, 17, 18, NX, NX2, NX3 and NX4


     ms9, ms10 and ms11


    2000i, 2000i^2, 2001, Wildfire1, Wildfire2 and Wildfire3


     AP203 and AP214

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