RWP20.50-G-HPP Radio-Wave Touch probe

Highly accurate radio-wave touch probe for the most precise results


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The RWP20.50-G-HPP is Hexagon’s most accurate touch probe for machine tools. It deploys laser-triangulation inside the measurement unit to achieve extremely high repeatability, low pre-travel variation and low 3D form error.

Many applications, for example the measurement of freeform shapes or checking machine kinematics, need extremely precise measurement results in 2D and 3D. These are best achieved by deploying Hexagon’s patent-pending laser-triangulation technology inside the RWP20.50-G-HPP radio-wave touch probe. 

The RWP20.50 modular probing system can be used for a range of applications and can be easily modified by simply screwing in various measuring units. Extensions and cross-probes can also be used.
  • Features & benefits
    Extremely precise results
    Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the RWP20.50-G-HPP achieves market-leading results, including high repeatability and low 3D form error.

    Reliable transmission
    The probe communicates securely with the radio-wave receiver RWR95.51 in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz. Status LEDs ensure the reception quality is immediately visible. The receiver can process measurement and temperature data.

    Robust and durable

    All mechanical components are protected under the IP68 standards and can be easily upgraded to ensure longevity despite the harsh conditions inside machine tools.

    Workshop-oriented handling
    RWP20.50 touch probes are designed to make the life of machine operators easier and more efficient. Settings are simple for operators to perform, with battery changes requiring no tools and simplified runout adjustments.
  • Technical data
    Transmission Frequency 2400-2483,5 MHz (2,4GHz)
    Transmission/Reception Range Up to 18 m
    Power supply x 9 V battery, block, 6LR61, Lithium: 1200 mAh, Alkaline: 550 mAh
    Material Stainless steel, POM
    Weight without Shank Approx. 920 g
    Temperature Range Operation: 10°C - 50°C, Storage: 5°C - 70°C
    Sealing IP68: EN60529
    Sensing Directions plusmn;X; ±Y; -Z
    Maximum Stylus Overtravel XY = ±12,5°; Z = -5 mm
    Tripping force* with 50 mm stylus Y = 0,1 N (typical value); Z = 2,5 N (typical value)
    Trigger force* with 50 mm stylus XY = 0,5 ±0,1 N; Z = 7 N ±10%
    Recommended Probing Feedrate  100 - 500 mm/min
    Maximum Probing Feedrate  1000 mm/min
    Unidirectional Repeatability max. 0,25 µm (2 Sigma) with 50 mm stylus
     Maximum Battery Life with Lithium Battery Operation: 180 h
    Standby: 1 year

    * Tripping force = Force when the probing signal is tripped at the touch point not influenced by the machine dynamics (stops without delay when the touch point is reached)

    ** Trigger force = Force after passing the touch point influenced by the machine dynamics (positioning speed, delay)

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