Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor

Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor is a fixed installation, easy-to-use, bulk-material volume monitoring solution that allows users to compute the volume of their stock quickly and automatically.

Introducing Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor

A fixed installation, automated volume measurement system

The Challenge

  • Imprecise volume estimates over- or undervalue stock that is stored on site

  • Near estimates or approximations are insufficient for efficient asset management, especially if such information feeds automated processes

  • Frequent and accurate scanning of stockpiles is essential but requires automated solutions instead of manual processes that involve human resources

  • Unreliable information about stock volume impedes the operational efficiency of downstream processes

The Solution

By combining the Leica BLK247 multi-sensor system with the Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor software solution, Leica can now deliver precise volume and visual information, autonomously and directly to site operators without impacting operation of the site.

Leica BLK247 Multi-Sensor System

The Leica BLK247 contains survey grade 3D LiDAR technology, RGB fisheye cameras and IR cameras all within a compact IP67 rated housing. The device can be permanently installed above a stockpile powered over a LAN using a single ethernet cable. The Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor software with the same survey grade laser scanning data in addition to visual imagery of the site all within the one sensor. 

Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor

The Leica BLK247 VolumeMonitor software provides a platform enabling repeated survey grade stockpile measurements all from an easy-to-use software, fully controlled by the site operator. Key functionality includes:

  • Calculating volume measurements on-demand and obtain results within seconds

  • Defining an automated measurement schedule that records volumes daily or periodically

  • Managing volume records as well as image records at the time of recording

  • Quickly reviewing historic measurements and volumes over time


Key Benefits

By combining the Leica BLK247 and VolumeMonitor software the end-user can:

  • Reduce production costs by automating labour-intensive manual survey measurements while reducing interruptions to operations and improving safety

  • Measure volumes with the highest level of precision - no longer relying on inaccurate methods

  • Visually monitor stockpiles via the integrated RGB and IR cameras

  • Record volumes in a matter of seconds with the click of a button

  • Easy-to-use software that is accessible in the local network via web browser 

Application Examples

case study

Axpo Tegra, Swiss Biomass (Power)Plant

As Switzerland's leader in renewable biomass energy, Axpo Tegra AG relies on Hexagon's automated volume measurement solution.
application profile

Automated volume measurement

Automated volume monitoring provides accurate inventory of current bulk storage. Hexagon's BLK247 3D scanners deliver information in real time and support asset management with automated processes.

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