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Intergraph Smart® Construction is construction management software which helps plan and manage fabrication and construction projects. Smart Construction delivers the most up-to-date information needed so you can get the most from construction planning software.

What is smart construction?

Smart construction takes information from various sources, such as 3D models, 2D engineering tools, materials management, project controls and scheduling system, which are integrated in construction management software. The fundamentals of construction have not changed significantly in the last 100 years, however the industry is often criticised for being slow to innovate. This is partially due to in large amount of stakeholders to manage, but as technology becomes simplier to deploy and scale at a more attractive price point - the onus is on the construction industry to adopt more collaborative working practices and new methodologies, such as Building Information Modelling.

Benefits of construction management software

Smart construction enables better business outcomes, including enhanced sustainability, increased quality, decreased whole life cost and improved productivity.

Achieving the benefits of contruction planning software means overcoming critical challenges, including breaking down silos, trust and transparency, and investing in people to make better use of technology.

Owner Operators

Improve CAPEX efficiency by consistently managing engineering information from concept planning and construction into operations and maintenance.


Provide direct input to facilitate real-world construction plans.


Reduce project cost with improved visibility on project plans, accelerate response to real-world changes, and integration with engineering, procurement and fabrication.

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