iConstruct™ MAX

Building on all the features and functionality of iConstruct PRO, iConstruct MAX is a powerful scalable solution for Advanced Work Packaging.

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A powerful, scalable & integrated solution for Advanced Work Packaging.

Building on all the features and functionality of iConstruct PRO, iConstruct MAX is a powerful scalable solution for Advanced Work Packaging. With agnostic capabilities, iConstruct MAX aligns engineering, procurement, and construction to calculate the feasibility of installation work packages enabling effective creation. In addition, it has direct integration to business systems providing a suitable solution for small to large capital projects, worldwide.


Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has become the industry standard for running safe and efficient construction projects. Visualize all elements of a project through comprehensive data-rich 3D models with the availability of materials and resources. This allows prioritization and sequencing of installation based on actual constraints, which mitigates risk.

With AWP, crews receive work packages that contain the information, tools, materials, and access they need to complete projects before they start. This reduces downtime, increases tool time, and cuts project costs. Executed properly, AWP can lead to a return on investment up to 1000%.

Many companies are in search of an AWP solution, but few can afford to spend months setting up a new system, designing new processes, and training teams to communicate within new tools. Because they try to solve for everything, most comprehensive AWP solutions require a substantial upfront investment of time and human capital to implement. iConstruct makes it simpler.

Better data hierarchies

Restructure raw engineering models into a CII AWP compliant model. ReConstruct reorganizes and groups a model’s hierarchy to align to a project’s different stages. It also improves file portability by exporting a cropped model based on section planes, properties, disciplines, or area.

Automate recurring tasks

BIMflow is a powerful feature in iConstruct that automates and schedules frequently used workflows. It maximizes productivity for all engineering projects and streamlines processes by effectively incorporating model updates and eliminates repetitive work.

Control Panel

Control Panels’ purpose is to build CII defined Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning from the field. Create and track any type of package, aggregate data from all departments supporting the AWP process, and manage constraints all in a single source. Create Gantt charts of scheduled IWP activities and push direct to Navisworks Timeliner.


  • Leverage Autodesk® Navisworks®, an industry-leading agnostic platform
  • Integrates with, rather than replaces existing fit-for-purpose business systems
  • Automates recurring workflows with BIMflow
  • Organizes model hierarchy and data to drastically improve navigability
  • Quick installation for immediate authoring, checking and scheduling
iConstruct MAX

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