HxGN SafeRoads transportation solutions

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  • Seamless fusion of crash and roadway data

    Import crash data directly from the department of public safety with an automated process that:

    • Incorporates up-to-date network changes and inventory data
    • Generates accurate crash records
    • Produces more complete data for identifying contributing factors and solutions
  • Automated crash data cleansing

    Automated process validates and corrects the location or attributes of a crash record and adds it to the database, enabling users to:

    • Easily update the locations and attributes of crash records
    • Track statistics such as crashes by county, and new or unresolved crashes
    • Configure base maps to provide more accurate spatial context for crash locations
  • Robust analysis and predictive modeling

    Use Safety Performance Functions (SPFs), crash modification factors (CMFs), basic hot spotting, and cluster mapping to:

    • Evaluate locations of crash activity, including sliding scale, section, and intersection
    • Employ predictive modeling of future crash rates
    • Identify locations for improvement
  • Easy report generation for funding requests

    The ability to create standard reports from templates and custom reports that include business intelligence components satisfy the:

    • Need to inform stakeholders, produce HSIP reports, and request funding
    • Requirements for transparency to stakeholders and compliance
  • Modular, scalable architecture

    An integrated set of modular tools and automated workflows enables you to:

    • Evaluate safety performance, support the development of a State Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), and ensure compliance with federal guidelines
    • Reduce errors and costs for data conversion, increase staff productivity, and improve the quality of analysis and reporting