Connect and act on security events in real time with a next-gen PSIM solution

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian is a suite of tools that integrates data from alarms, sensors, IoT and intrusion devices and video data to provide unprecedented situational awareness for real-time event monitoring and response.

HxGN OnCall Security Guardian

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HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian is a next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) solution for monitoring, managing and responding to real-time incidents.


HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian can help:

  • Integrate data from disparate systems to provide unprecedented situational awareness
  • Reduce the lag time between threat identification and response
  • Centralize and coordinate physical security operations across geographically dispersed organizations
  • Go beyond basic alarm monitoring and retroactive forensic response

An integrated suite of tools, HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian offers one common operating picture for continuous, real-time assessment across all events, applies broader and more robust detection methods and integrates with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions for immediate response.


Multi-sensor integration

Integrate and combine access control, video assets, gunshot and drone detection and intrusion detection systems into one solution.

Centralized assets

Centralize and coordinate physical security operations across geographically dispersed organizations for a faster and more informed response.

Real-time response

Go beyond basic alarm monitoring and retroactive forensic response to offer real-time situational awareness to counter fast-evolving threat environments.


Security Operations Centers

Support centralized and coordinated operations in security operation centers (SOCs)

Asset-intensive industries

Ensure business continuity with situational awareness for asset-intensive industries, such as airports, utilities, oil and gas, transportation and logistics

Public safety agencies

Leverage alarm monitoring, sensor and IoT integration, and video asset integration within the HxGN OnCall Dispatch solution

Property and asset management

Secure and protect geographically dispersed property and assets with real-time situational awareness

Port & border security agencies

Reduce the lag time between threat identification and response by easily sifting through the noise of disparate systems to identify threats

Corporate & university campuses

Enhance the overall security of any campus by allowing access to real-time information for detecting and responding to threats earlier

Product features

  • Video integration

    HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian includes Hexagon’s Video Streamer, which allows users to display and control live and recorded video from almost any type of camera or video management system (VMS).

    The solution includes prebuilt interfaces to Milestone and Genetec VMS, as well as Video Streamer SDK, allowing users to easily connect to other types of video cameras and video management systems.

  • System, application, IoT and device integration

    Leveraging the powerful Xalt | Integration platform, HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian allows users to quickly integrate systems, applications and devices of all types – from intrusion detection and access control to radar and drone detection systems.

    Using a unique, no-code approach to interface configuration, Xalt allows users to leverage all data within the solution. This eliminates the rigid, stove-piped interfaces that ultimately derail implementations and upgrades by providing a maintainable and sustainable approach to developing, managing and maintaining interfaces.

  • Next-gen PSIM capabilities

    Allowing users to collect and correlate events from multiple devices and information systems, HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian offers next-generation PSIM capabilities:

    • Alarm commands: Acknowledge and clear alarms directly from the security operation center, and easily create events based on information received from the alarm controllers for escalation
    • Communications: Support two-way connectivity and data exchange with third-party alarm system controllers
    • Device commands: Provide device-specific commands available in external sensor systems, such as pan-tilt-zoom, record video and silence alarms
    • Logging & reporting: Create alarm activity reports and audit all actions associated with alarms and “view alarms” history
    • Map display: Display location, condition, and status of cameras, alarms and devices in separate layers with an interactive, GIS command map
    • SOP for alarms: View the standard operating procedures (SOPs) triggered for selected alarms using an SOP tab
  • Integrated workflows with HxGN OnCall Dispatch

    As part of the HxGN OnCall portfolio, HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian seamlessly integrates with other HxGN OnCall products. HxGN OnCall Dispatch users can integrate video assets, alarms and sensors into their existing dispatch environment, providing enhanced situational awareness throughout every step of their emergency response.

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