Detect complex emergencies sooner with the help of assistive AI

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to give users richer, actionable insights that would otherwise go unseen.

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Leverage assistive AI to fill operational blind spots in complex, unfolding emergencies. HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor supports continual, autonomous assessment and gives users richer, actionable insights that would otherwise go unseen.

As a virtual user assistance, Smart Advisor:

  • Provides real-time actionable insights during complex emergencies, from large, rapid-onset events to repeat offenses and linked incidents
  • Empowers decision-makers to intervene earlier and more effectively to improve outcomes, speed recovery and reduce impacts on communities, levels of service and personnel
  • Detects more patterns and connections between events by applying real-time data analyses

Part of the HxGN OnCall Dispatch product suite, Smart Advisor utilizes a set of autonomous, analytical software agents within HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials, Advantage, Viewer and Mobile Unit. Smart Advisor can also run in a browser alongside I/CAD 9.4.


Hexagon is committed to ensuring ethical AI practices in our technologies. Read the statement.


Key features

HxGN OnCall Analytics

Evidence-based reporting tools for public safety agencies to assess performance, allocate resources and improve operations.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch

Agile next-gen call-taking and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) capabilities that link callers, dispatchers, managers and field officers for faster, more effective response.

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Detect complex emergencies sooner with assistive AI for public safety agencies.