HxGN AgrOn Service Order Management

System that performs the planning of agricultural and forestry operations through service orders.

Hxgn agron service order management

This product ensures the cultivation plan is optimally executed by automatically issuing georeferenced service orders to production locations, based on the data from the AgrOn Operation Planning. This product captures data about actual times, operations and resources used so customers can calculate actual costs of cultivation and flag any deviations for analysis.

Hexagon_AG_ISOBUS_ Terminal_Universal

  • Issues work orders so that the scheduled functions are performed
  • Controls the operations with field notes
  • Projects the recommended performance and application of inputs according to characteristics of each area
  • Integration with the Ti5, Ti7 or Ti10 displays to send work orders with execution maps and subsequent receipt of the suggestions made
  • Improves real cost analysis
  • Ensures execution of service orders
  • Optimises management of the entire agricultural process
  • Agility in growing operations

HxGN AgrOn Control Room

Centralised control system that monitors all operations performed in the field in real-time.

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