HxGN AgrOn Plant Planning: Planning and allocation system for ideal planting

Planning and allocation system for ideal planting.

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This product enables customers to optimise their cultivation strategy and meet long-term business goals though creating a resource plan based on business objectives (for example, doubling production over four harvests). AgrOn Plant Planning calculates inputs, resources and land needed, while also recommending the optimal planting and cultivation strategy at the lowest cost.

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  • Recommends the ideal plantation and cultivation strategy with the lowest costs
  • Indication of sugarcane varieties, places and times for planting and expansion of the cultivation area
  • Selects ideal varieties to suit the characteristics of each planting site
  • Simulates falls and production simulations for the next harvests or cycles


  • Increases planting efficiency
  • Increases planning assertiveness
  • Optimises planting planning year-over-year
  • Improves management of planting operations

HxGN AgrOn Operation Planning

Planning and optimisation system of resources for operations in the field.

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