HxGN AgrOn Data Integration: Middleware that allows configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources

Middleware that allows configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources

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Facilitating system for the implantation and configuration of different interfaces and integration of agricultural data from different sources. It is a transformative solution for enterprise integration and interfacing. It's a versatile tool for connecting multiple, disparate applications, including a simple-to-configure business-rules engine to solve complex integration challenges.

How does the system work and its benefits?
AgrOn Data Integration harnesses value and insights from escalating amounts of agricultural data coming from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources. It transforms data into actionable information, allowing you to add knowledge to business ecosystems through autonomous processes.

A major challenge of the digital revolution is making new technology work with existing agricultural data systems. It’s not possible to “digitally transform” all at once, that is why we developed AgrOn AgrOn Data Integration, which facilitates the transition and integration of legacy systems to new technologies and systems, allowing everything to work together in a perfect way, facilitating the adoption of new and more effective solutions.

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  • Enables the scheduling of execution of integration services at intervals of execution time
  • Huge number of communication protocols already implemented
  • Allows connectivity to mobile devices and embedded software
  • Open for configuring scripts and data transformation rules
  • Allows installations both in the cloud and on local servers

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