HP-S-X3 scanning probes

HP-S-X3 - high-speed-scanning probes

A close up of Hexagon's HP-S-X3T scanning probe

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Compact, cost-effective but extremely accurate 3D scanning probes which can carry up to 360 mm long probing extensions and styli clusters. Available in both fixed and articulating models.

The HP-S-X3 offers fast single-point probing for all standard measuring tasks as well as High-Speed-Scanning for form and profile inspection and is ideally suited for dimensional control of small to medium high-accuracy prismatic parts and complex geometries.

An automatic tool changing capability allows styli change within a measuring program without the need for probe requalification. Magnetic clamping of styli on the sensor permits fast and reliable changes.

Two models are available:
  • HP-S-X3C - Fixed probe for high performance
  • HP-S-X3T - Fitted to a HH-A or HH-AS probe head, the probe can be rotated to differnent angles for greater flexibility
  • Features & benefits
    • The measurement sensor is highly sensitive and features a large linear measurement range for generating measurement data.
    • Measurement sensor axes are not fixed during measurements. That means the measurement system always moves in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the measurement object. The actual direction of the surface normals is calculated for each touch point.]
    • Automated probe changes allow for quickly exchanging different probe configurations without recalibration. This substantially increases the measurement output.
  • Technical data

     HP-S-X3T  HP-S-X3C
     Probe head type  Analogue  Analogue
     Probe interface  TKJ (Kinematic Joint)  Dovetail connector (Center mounted)
     Dimensions  Ø 64 x 107 mm  Ø 64 x 89 mm
     Weight  270 g  270 g
     Resolution  < 0,1 µm  < 0,1 µm
     Measuring range  ± 1 mm in all axes  ± 1 mm in all axes
     Overtravel range  ± 1,25 mm in all axes  ± 1,25 mm in all axes
     Linear stiffness  5 N/mm  15 N/mm
     Stylus joint  M5  M5
     Max. stylus weight  150 g (incl. stylus clamping)  150 g (Incl. stylus clamping)
     Max. stylus length  150 mm  Up to 360 mm
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Identify your spare parts with confidence and benefit from fast UPS delivery.